PhD positions from The IceCube group at the Humboldt-University - Germany

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IceCube is a gigaton detector for cosmic neutrinos under construction at the geographical South Pole.

After completion of the full detector, IceCube will be nearly two orders of magnitude more sensitive then current high energy neutrino detectors.

The IceCube group at the Humboldt-University has openings for two PhD positions. Possible topics are connected to the research interests of the group.

Search for electron neutrinos and tau neutrinos with IceCube:

The group is involved in the development of new methods for reconstruction and simulation of electron neutrinos and tau neutrinos.

We study high-energy atmospheric neutrinos with the aim to identify a contribution due to a flux of astrophysical neutrinos.

Search for a neutrino signal from Supernova and Gamma-Ray Bursts:

Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts could be significant sources of high-energy neutrinos.

Besides a search for such neutrinos we are implementing automated follow-up observations using optical telescopes around the world to identify the associated upernovae or Gamma-Ray Bursts.

The appointment can begin as early as March 15th and has a term of three years.

There is the possibility for an extended stay at a collaborating institution (for example the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab).

Candidates should hold a qualifying degree in physics.

A specialization in elementary particle physics or astrophysics as well as software skills (C++, Linux) would be a benefit.

Please send your applications as well as the names of two persons who can be contacted for references preferably by email to mkowalsk [at]

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