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Oct 24, 2014

Jobs in South Sudan | NGO Jobs S. Sudan | Job Vacancies & Employment S. Sudan

Jobs in South Sudan; Employment opportunities in South Sudan. Humanitarian and development jobs. List of S. Sudan vacancies and job open positions. Find & apply for jobs S. Sudan latest job vacancies

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Oct 24, 2014

Mathai Supermarkets Ltd Jobs – Nakumatt Jobs – Tuskys Jobs – Naivas Jobs Kenya

Mathai Supermarkets Ltd Jobs; Now recruiting - Mathai supermarket jobs. Also jobs at Nakumatt supermarket, Tuskys supermarket jobs, Naivas supermarket jobs, Uchumi supermarket jobs - cashiers, drivers

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Oct 24, 2014

Jobs in Kenya | Jobs | Kenyan Jobs | Vacancies in Kenya | Careers Kenya Job Site

Latest jobs in Kenya. Apply for jobs in government, teaching/education jobs, media jobs, graduate jobs, support jobs, banking jobs available. Employment/recruitment Kenya. Vacancies Kenya.

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Oct 24, 2014

PhD Scholarship

I was admitted to pursue PhD in Project Management in a Kenyan University. Can I get a scholarship? ***** Search: PhD Scholarship

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Oct 24, 2014

Eligibility for Scholarship Applicants

Am inquiring if am eligible to apply for any scholarship because am a third year student of Mechanical Engineering, and will be graduating in 2017.

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Oct 24, 2014

Jobs in Ethiopia | Job | Ethiopian Jobs | Vacancies in Ethiopia Careers Ethiopia

Latest jobs in Ethiopia & Addis Ababa. Ethiopian jobs and vacancies. Online job vacancy database in Ethiopia. Job board with Ethiopia vacancies in all sectors. Ethiopia careers & job opportunities.

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Oct 24, 2014

Why cats chase rats.

Why cats chase rats : A Chinese Story. Thousands of years ago, the Jade Emperor of China organized a race for animals. The first 12 animals to finish

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Oct 24, 2014

The naming game.

The naming Game : A Chinese Story The ambassador of Nippon presented a beautiful cat to the Emperor of China. The emperor became fond of the animal

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Oct 24, 2014

The Generous Student.

The Generous Student : A Cinese Story Lin Piao used to absent himself from classes very often and one day the principal of the college made up his mind

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Oct 24, 2014

Struck by lightning.

Struck by lightning : A Chinese Story A valet was riding behind his master, the aristocratic Chen Yu. Chen Yu turned round and when he saw his valet

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Oct 24, 2014

Sound advice.

Sound advice : A Chinese Tale A young man was working in the family garden when his older brother called out to him to come in and have lunch. “Wait

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Oct 24, 2014

The short-sighted Brothers

The short-sighted brothers : A Chinese Story Three elderly brothers, all very short-sighted, lived in a large house on the outskirts of a city, in China.

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Oct 24, 2014

Secret of Casket.

Secret of Casket : A Chinese Story. On her 75th birthday, Ah-ling distributed her wealth among her four sons and announced that she would spend three

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Oct 24, 2014

Moment of Madness.

Moment of Madness : A Chinese Story. There lived a man in the state of Qi who loved gold above everything else. Nothing else could excite him as much

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Oct 24, 2014

Gasping Grasper .

Gasping Grasper : A Chinese Story. China's greatest miser lay dying and he wanted to hand over the keys of his treasure house to someone who would safeguard

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Oct 24, 2014

Chicken Feed.

Chicken Feed : A Chinese Story Duan Guangqinj was a Chinese magistrate who lived about a hundred years ago. He was famed for the fairness of his judgments.

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Oct 24, 2014

Butterfly Lovers.

Butterfly Lovers : A Chinese Story Long ago in China, at a time when girls were expected to stay at home and learn household work while the boys went

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Oct 24, 2014

Uncle Spider.

Uncle Spider : African Stories The spider is the hero of many West African tales. Nobody knows why a spider, of all creatures, should be so honored.

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Oct 24, 2014

The three Runners.

The three runners : African Stories In the days when whites ruled South Africa and apartheid was the law of the land, two middle-aged blacks met in a

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Oct 24, 2014

The Tailless Dassie.

The Tailless Dassie : African Stories Long ago, the Lion was the only animal with a tail. One day he decided that all animals should have a tail like

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Oct 24, 2014

Jobs in Uganda | Latest Ugandan Jobs & Vacancies | Best Uganda Jobs & Careers

Jobs in Uganda; Best Uganda jobs, careers, employment opportunities & vacancies. Exciting Uganda career opportunities. Best up-to-date vacancies for all Ugandan jobs seekers updated daily. Jobs bank.

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Oct 23, 2014

Jobs in Africa | Jobs Africa | Careers in Africa | Work in Africa Employment

Jobs in Africa; Find a job in Africa. Browse 1000s of job vacancies in Africa available today. Careers in Africa. Find work in Africa. Employment opportunities in Africa. Africa jobs careers website.

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Oct 23, 2014

Advance Africa Newsletter: International Scholarships

Advance Africa Newsletter: International scholarships & grants including undergraduate scholarships, research scholarships, academic scholarships and scholarships for women.

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Oct 23, 2014

Kenya Jobs Vacancies | Kenyan Jobs | Vacancies in Kenya | Jobs in Kenya Work

Jobs in Kenya - Kenyan Jobs: The latest in Kenya jobs. Vacancies in all sectors in Kenya. Jobs in banking, NGOs, international jobs, UN jobs, UNESCO jobs, humanitarian jobs. Employment opportunities.

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Oct 23, 2014

Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment: Jobs at Kenya Army, Navy & Air Force Jobs

Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment; 2014 KDF recruitment of servicemen/women, trades members, cadets (General Service Officers), specialist offices & constabularies – Kenya Army, Navy & Air force jobs.

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Oct 23, 2014

Royal Servant

Royal Servant : African Stories. The King of Kamera in Africa was a proud and stern man, feared by all his subjects. One day while sitting in his mud

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Oct 23, 2014

The Root of the Matter.

The root of the matter : African Stories. A porcupine came and asked a dog for food. The dog said he had no food but showed him a field of sugarcane

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Oct 23, 2014

Friends Forever.

African Stories of: Friends Forever. A mouse and a frog were friends. Every morning the frog would hop out of his pond and go to visit his friend who

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Oct 23, 2014

Undergraduate Sponsorship

I am undergraduate student and am looking for a fully funded scholarship for Business Administration or any well wisher who can support me with school

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Oct 23, 2014

A different kind of school

A different kind of school I had heard a great deal about Miss Beam’s school. But not till last week did the chance come to visit it. When I arrived

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Oct 23, 2014

A game of chance.

A game of chance : Every year on the occasion of Eid, there was a fair in our village. Eid was celebrated only one day but the fair lasted many days.

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Oct 23, 2014

Online PhD Scholarships

What are the on line PhD scholarships available for for Ugandans? ***** Look at: PhD Scholarship

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Oct 23, 2014

A Pact with the Sun

A Pact with the Sun: Saeeda's mother had been ailing for a long time — fever, cough, body-ache, painful joints and what not. Treated by a variety of

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Oct 23, 2014

A strange wrestling match

A strange wrestling match : There was once a wrestler called Vijay Singh. A tall man with massive shoulders and muscular arms, he towered over others

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Oct 23, 2014

A Tale of two birds

A Tale of two birds : There once lived a bird and her two new-born babies in a forest. They had a nest in a tall, shady tree and there the mother bird

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Oct 23, 2014

At the Seaside

At the Seaside Ten-year-old Sami loved to visit his grandfather's house in Puthur in Tamil Nadu. Grandpa's house was near the beautiful blue sea. At

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Oct 23, 2014


Courage : Once some country dogs were passing through a town. They were happily moving around when a large number of town dogs made a fierce attack on

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Oct 23, 2014

Looking for a Scholarship

Am looking for a scholarship to complete my studies am facing challenges in paying my fees. ***** Look at: Scholarships and Grants

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Oct 23, 2014

Expert Detectives.

Expert Detectives : As we walked back towards the clinic Seven said, “He doesn’t look anything like a monster, Maya. But did you see how thin he is?

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Oct 23, 2014

Fair Play.

Fair Play: Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were good friends. So strong was their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from the village,

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Oct 23, 2014

International Relation Scholarships in Kenya

Is it possible to get a scholarship to do a career in Law in Kenya using my high school credentials? I am currently a second year law student at

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Oct 23, 2014

Free Gannu.

Free Gannu : Let us read and find out how Gannu finds a family and what follows. Beni Ram found Gannu sitting close to her mother's body. Her leathery

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Oct 23, 2014

Goldilocks and the three Bears,

Goldilocks and the three Bears : Long time ago, there was a little pretty girl who lived in a house near a big dark wood. Her hair was so shiny and golden

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Oct 23, 2014

How the dog found himself a Master!

How the dog found himself a Master! Dogs were once their own masters and lived the way wolves do, in freedom, until a dog was born who was ill pleased

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Oct 23, 2014

Masters in Medicine Scholarships

I am a doctor working in Kenya and I wanted to enquire on scholarships to study masters in Medicine in Paediatrics. I would like to know what is available

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Oct 23, 2014

Internet in The Jungle

Internet in the Jungle : Charcters Ullu : A wise old Owl Kabbu : A white Pigeon Cybersher : The Jungle King Bony : The Horse Narrator: Doctor

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Oct 23, 2014

Kalpana-Chawla An Indian-American Woman in Space

Kalpana-Chawla wn Indian-American woman in space : In 1997, an Indian – American, Kalpana Chawla - was part of the international crew aboard the U.S.

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Oct 23, 2014


Quality : I knew him from the days of my extreme youth, because he made my father’s boots. He lived with his elder brother in his shop, which was in

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Oct 23, 2014

Reward for Taro.

Reward for Taro: A young woodcutter named Taro lived with his mother and father on a lonely hillside. All day long he chopped wood in the forest. Though

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