Opportunities for Journalists Worldwide 2020/2021

Opportunities for Journalists Worldwide 2020/21 - Opportunities for Journalists in Developing Countries 2021/22 - Opportunities for Journalists in Africa 2021/2022

  • African Investigative Journalism Conference Grants
  • Bertha Fellowships for Activists and Investigative Journalists
  • Call for Proposals for Amazon Rainforest Journalism Funds and COVID-19
  • Call for Applications for East Africa Wildlife Journalism Media Grants
  • Call for Applications for East Africa Wildlife Journalism Media Grants
  • Call for Reporting Grants on Biodiversity Threats in Nile Basin Lakes
  • Call for Reporting Grants on Climate Change Solutions in Nile Basin
  • Call for Stories on COVID-19 Pandemic and Nile Basin Water Crisis
  • Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellowships
  • COVID-19 Reporting Grants for MENA Journalists
  • Daniele Tamagni Grants and Scholarships for Young Photographers
  • Dunia Project Grants for Journalists Reporting on Climate Emergency
  • Earth Journalism Network Asia-Pacific Media Grants
  • East Africa Reporting Grants on Wildlife Trafficking and Conservation
  • Exchange and Training Grants for Young Media Professionals
  • FRONTLINE Local Journalism Initiative Grants
  • Fully Funded ICYF Media Training Camp for Youth
  • Fully Funded Media Workshop on Climate Justice and Resilience
  • Funds for Women Journalists Worldwide
  • Funded Media Workshop on Wildlife and Conservation Reporting in Africa
  • Funded Training on Reporting on Malaria in Africa
  • Funding and Proposals for Reporting on Illicit Finance in Uganda
  • Funding and Proposals for Reporting on Malaria in Africa
  • Future News Worldwide UK Conference Grants for Best Young Media Makers
  • Grant in Kenya to Conduct Independent Investigations on Corruption
  • Hivos East Africa Call for Audio Visual Content Production Grants
  • ICFJ-Connectas Fellowships for Investigative Journalists
  • Internews Information Saves Lives Rapid Response Fund
  • Investigative Sports Reporting Grants for Journalists in Africa
  • Investigative Journalism Grants on Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • iWatch Africa Funded Training of Journalists in Ghana
  • IWMF Journalism Relief Fund for Women Journalists
  • Journalism and Media Innovation Reporting Grants in Africa
  • LandCam Project Micro-Grants in Cameroon for Journalists
  • Media and Journalism Days in Africa Grants /a>
  • National Geographic Society COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists
  • National Geographic Society Grants for Equity and the Natural World
  • National Geographic Society Grants for Tropical Rain-forests Stories
  • Nigeria Health Watch Prevent Epidemics Journalism Fellowships
  • Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize
  • PRB Call for Applications for Grants South Asia Women Journalists
  • Public Health Reporting Grants for Journalists in Africa
  • Rainforest Journalism Fund International Projects Call for Proposals
  • Reporting Grants for Individual Journalists
  • South Africa Grants for Media Stories on Gender and Covid-19
  • Stigler Center Journalists Residence Program and Funded Trip to USA for Journalists Worldwide
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation Africa Grants on Illicit Finance Reporting
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation Workshop and Travel Grants in Asia
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation COVID-19 Reporting Grants in Saharan Africa
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation Health Reporting Funded Training Workshops
  • US Mission to India Grants for Training Emerging Journalists

  • Wole Soyinka Award for Investigative Reporting in Nigeria
  • Women Leadership Accelerator to Advance Women in Digital Journalism
  • Women Photograph Mentorship Program
  • Working Grants for African Journalists 2020/2021
  • World Press Photo Foundation Visual Journalism Worldwide Grants
  • Youth4Regions Funded Training for Aspiring Journalists

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    "Grants for Journalism Education" Foundations That Support Journalism Journalism Training Workshops 2020 Journalism Training Workshops 2021 Journalism Training Workshops 2022 2020 Journalism Conferences 2020 Journalism Internships 2020 Journalism Internships | Apply Now 2020 List of Journalism Scholarships for African Students 2020 List of Journalism Scholarships for International Students 2021 Journalism Conferences 2021 Journalism Internships 2021 Journalism Internships | Apply Now 2021 List of Journalism Scholarships for African Students 2021 List of Journalism Scholarships for International Students 2022 Journalism Conferences 2022 Journalism Internships 2022 Journalism Internships | Apply Now 2022 List of Journalism Scholarships for African Students 2022 List of Journalism Scholarships for International Students 4. 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Global Investigative Journalism Network Grants for Media Projects Grants for Media Projects 2020 Grants for Media Projects 2021 Grants for Media Projects 2022 Grants for Media Startups Health Journalism Grants Here Are More Than 1000 Journalism Internships and Fellowships Highest Paying Jobs in Journalism Hispanic Journalism Scholarships Institute for Nonprofit News International Conference on Journalism and Mass Communication 2020 International Conference on Journalism and Mass Communication 2021 International Conference on Journalism and Mass Communication 2022 International Journalism Careers International Journalism Careers, International Journalism Conferences 2020 International Journalism Conferences 2020 Usa International Journalism Conferences 2021 International Journalism Conferences 2021 Usa International Journalism Conferences 2022 International Journalism Conferences 2022 Usa International Journalism Fellowships 2020 International Journalism Fellowships 2021 International Journalism Fellowships 2022 International Journalism Salary Is Journalism the Right Career for Me Journalism and Humanities Internships Journalism Career Information Journalism Career Salary Journalism Careers List Journalism Conference 2020 Journalism Conference 2021 Journalism Conference 2022 Journalism Conferences 2020 Europe Journalism Conferences 2020 Usa Journalism Conferences 2021 Europe Journalism Conferences 2021 Usa Journalism Conferences 2022 Europe Journalism Conferences 2022 Usa Journalism Events 2020 Journalism Events 2021 Journalism Events 2022 Journalism Fellowship 2020 Journalism Fellowship 2021 Journalism Fellowship 2022 Journalism Fellowships 2020 Journalism Fellowships 2020 in India Journalism Fellowships 2020 India Journalism Fellowships 2021 Journalism Fellowships 2021 in India Journalism Fellowships 2021 India Journalism Fellowships 2022 Journalism Fellowships 2022 in India Journalism Fellowships 2022 India Journalism Fellowships for African Journalists 2020 Journalism Fellowships for African Journalists 2021 Journalism Fellowships for African Journalists 2022 Journalism Fellowships in Usa Journalism Grants Journalism Grants 2020 Journalism Grants 2021 Journalism Grants 2022 Journalism Internships Journalism Internships for High School Students Near Me Journalism Internships Summer 2020 Journalism Internships Summer 2020 Nyc Journalism Internships Summer 2021 Journalism Internships Summer 2021 Nyc Journalism Internships Summer 2022 Journalism Internships Summer 2022 Nyc Journalism Internships Uk Journalism Jobs Journalism Jobs Europe Journalism Scholarships 2020 Journalism Scholarships 2021 Journalism Scholarships 2022 Journalism Scholarships Florida Journalism Scholarships for Minorities Journalism Scholarships in Canada Journalism Training Opportunities 2020 Journalism Training Opportunities 2021 Journalism Training Opportunities 2022 Journalism Training Workshops 2020 Journalism Training Workshops 2021 Journalism Training Workshops 2022 Journalist Fellowships & Annual Programs Journalist Grants & Opportunities Journalists | Opportunities for Africans Knight Bagehot Dinner 2020 Knight Bagehot Dinner 2021 Knight Bagehot Dinner 2022 Knight Bagehot Fellowship Knight Bagehot Fellowship Annual Report Knight Foundation Journalism Media and Journalism Fellowship Media Arts Grants Media Fellowships 2020 Media Fellowships 2021 Media Fellowships 2022 Media Grants 2020 Media Grants 2021 Media Grants 2022 Music Journalism Grants News and Journalism Events and Conferences Newspaper Conferences 2020 Newspaper Conferences 2021 Newspaper Conferences 2022 Nonprofit Journalism Grants Opportunities for African Entrepreneurs 2020 Opportunities for African Entrepreneurs 2021 Opportunities for African Entrepreneurs 2022 Opportunities for African Journalists 2020 Opportunities for African Journalists 2021 Opportunities for African Journalists 2022 Opportunities for Africans Opportunities for Africans 2020 Opportunities for Africans 2021 Opportunities for Africans 2022 Opportunities for Africans | Connecting Africans to the Latest Opportunities Opportunities for Journalists Opportunities for Journalists 2020 Opportunities for Journalists 2021 Opportunities for Journalists 2022 Opportunities for Journalists in Africa | Journalism Contests Paid Journalism Internship Jobs Paid Journalism Internships Summer 2020 Paid Journalism Internships Summer 2021 Paid Journalism Internships Summer 2022 Postgraduate Journalism Fellowships Poynter Journalism Grants Social Media Grants Social Media Grants for Nonprofits Spencer Fellowship Columbia Sports Journalism Internships Sports Media Scholarships Student Journalism Grants Supporting Journalism The Washington Journalism and Media Conference These Paid Fall Journalism Internships Are Open Now! 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