Working Grants for African Journalists 2023

Working Grants for African Journalists 2023 ✅ Fully Funded Global Opportunities for African Journalists 2023 ✅ Grants and Fellowships for Journalists in Africa 2023

Working Grants for African Journalists; Money Trail is a collaborative project between highly regarded journalism and training organisations –, Finance Uncovered, Free Press Unlimited – and Oxfam Novib.

In Money Trail, offers working grants for (teams of) African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse money laundering and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Grants are awarded to journalists solely by, with no input or oversight at any stage from the consortium as a whole.

The primary goal of this grant is to expose illicit finance, tax abuse, corruption and money laundering.

Who can apply?

  • Intercontinental journalist teams from Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • Regional cross-border collaborations in Africa and Asia.
  • Exceptional proposals from individual journalists in Africa and Asia whose story includes an offshore element in a national story - where the money trail leads to a tax haven - can be accepted.
  • European journalists planning on applying must collaborate with an African or Asian journalist.
  • Foreign correspondents in Africa or Asia must collaborate with local journalists.

    In order to be eligible for application, the journalists have to ensure that their story will be published.

    Therefore, during the application procedure, they will be asked to upload commitment of publication from relevant media organisations.

    Why Money Trail?

    Money Trail exists because countries throughout the world lose billions of dollars through tax abuse, money laundering and grand corruption.

    Investigative journalism is key to combating this situation. Such work clearly can have a tremendous impact.

    Brilliant reporting by journalists and some notable civil society organisations has resulted in revenue authorities and enforcement agencies recovering desperately needed funds. Politicians have been forced to act.

    There are so many stories all over the world yet to be told.

    This is your chance to help tell them.

    Fore more information and journalism grants application details, see; Working Grants for African Journalists

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