OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards

OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards

The Brief

This Quest is open to anyone who uses an OPPO or OnePlus mobile device. Photos submitted must be taken with OPPO or OnePlus equipment and photos must include the metadata on the photo detail page.

Please note: OPPO has several partner sites where photos will be submitted. 500px is the exclusive official international submission portal. All Shortlisted photos across all platforms will be judged once the competition ends and Grand Prize winners will be awarded from various contest entry points (the link to Grand Prize details can be found below).

  • A photograph can capture timeless imagination

  • What you see

  • What you love

  • What deserves attention

  • What you want to share with the world

  • Grab your phone, express your vision

  • With one photo, reach the world's 8 billion


  • Landscape: Photos that feature a landscape where imagination transforms ordinary into extraordinary, with natural wonders becoming the stage for your artwork.

  • Portrait: Photos that focus on portraits, whether individual or group. Faces serve as a medium of imagination, conveying moods and beauty beyond the surface.

  • Colours: Photos that reveal the world behind the palette, embracing the charm of colours through imagination.

  • Unfading Moment: Photos that you cherish the most, capturing a priceless moment or a glimpse of beauty that lasts a lifetime.

  • Fashion: Photos with fashion vibes, illustrating a specific aesthetic. The subject can be characters, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

  • Snapshot: Photos that capture a fleeting moment, showing the magic of characters, scenery, etc.

  • Light: Photos that freeze the dance of light and shadow, where light acts as the dancer, and shadow serves as the stage.

  • Travel: Photos that document your journey, as freedom, imagination, and beauty converge into an indelible moment.

  • Youth Special Award: Photographers aged 18 to 24 can enter this category concurrently with other categories.

    The Prize

  • Quest prize

  • A chance to win up to $24,000 USD

  • 1 500px photographer will win a cash prize of $300 USD

  • OPPO is also offering several Grand Prizes to winners across all platforms (not just 500px users).

    OPPO imagine IF Master: one winner

  • Prize money of USD 24,000

  • 2024 OPPO flagship series, including Phone, Earphone, and OPPO Watch

  • Participation in international photo exhibitions

  • Sign with OPPO to be OPPO photographer of the year and will be prioritized in event shootings

    OPPO imagine IF Silver Award: four winners

  • Prize money of USD 9,800

  • One OPPO Find X7 Ultra

    Participation in international photo exhibitions
    OPPO imagine IF Bronze Award: ten winners

  • Prize money of USD 2,800

  • One OPPO Find X7 Ultra

  • Participation in international photo exhibitions

    OPPO imagine IF Honorable Mention: 4 winners for each of the 8 categories, 32 in total

  • Prize money of USD 280

  • One OPPO Find X7

  • Participation in international photo exhibitions

    OPPO imagine IF Youth Special Award(ages 18-24): five winners

  • Prize money of USD 1,400

  • One OPPO Find X7

  • Participation in international photo exhibitions


    Submission rules

    Entries are open to OPPO and OnePlus users worldwide with full civil capacity, who are at least 18 years old, or reach the legal age in their region. Please note that the competition is currently neither available in Germany nor directed to German customers. We also cannot deliver prizes to any address in Germany.

    Due to legal restrictions, the competition is unable to accept entries from Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, the Crimea region, or any other
    countries/regions which may be subject to export controls or sanctions at the time of the competition. Entries must be original works. Photos that have been published or posted in other photography competitions or public media for profit, or photos that have won awards in other competitions are not eligible.

    Submission guideline

    Participants upload their entries and choose any suitable category for each entry. The entrants must submit works that fit the category that they have chosen, i.e., Landscape, Portrait, Colours, Unfading Moment, Fashion, Snapshot, Light, Travel, and Collection. Each user can only submit 15 entries at most per category.

    A single photo is considered one entry, and uploading single images with repeated or overly similar content is not allowed. The entrants are allowed to submit the same photo to different categories, but each submission will be counted as one entry. The entries must be original images with complete EXIF data.

    If there is any dispute on the intellectual property rights such as copyright, and the original photo can’t be provided, the organizer has the right to disqualify the entry. Participants’ submissions must not be derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, libelous or contain any content that is inappropriate, sexual, profane, tortuous, slanderous, discriminatory, or promotes hatred or harm against any group or person, contain any illegal information of a political, pornographic, or violent nature or which may be deemed to support terrorism, or include any disparaging remarks relating to a third party, or is disruptive to public social order and morality.

    Entries that violate the above-mentioned rules will not be displayed or judged. To encourage participation from young photographers aged 18 to 24, the competition has established the OPPO imagine IF Youth Special Award.

    Entries should be submitted under the Youth Special category, each entry with a single photo and the subject is not limited. Entrants must be within the specified age range at the time of submission. When being considered for this award, winners will be required to submit proof of age. This award is separate from the other competition categories, and qualified entrants for the award may also concurrently submit entries to other categories.

    Specific requirements of the entries

    The entries must be taken with OPPO devices, including all models of OPPO phones and OnePlus phones. The photos should not be altered in any desktop image processing program such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Moderate post-processing on the photos is permissible, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast, white balance, saturation, etc.

    Composite images that change the original content of the photo are not acceptable. Complete EXIF data must be retained. Only photos in JPG are accepted. The submission should not be smaller than 1000 pixels in width, and the size of a single photo should be larger than 1M and not exceed 20M. A title within 100 letters and a caption within 1000 letters should be added.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards

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