Climate Economics Journalism Fellowship

Climate Economics Journalism Fellowship

Climate change is transforming the economy as quickly and profoundly as it is reshaping the planet. For journalists who want to deepen their climate coverage, understanding these sometimes cryptic economic and financial shifts is as important as understanding the science and politics behind climate change.

The NYU Stern Climate Economics Journalism Fellowship will bring a group of journalists to NYU Stern’s Greenwich Village campus to learn from globally recognized experts in the emerging field of climate economics. Participants will discuss the fundamental factors and latest trends in climate economics and finance.

What can I expect?

A two-day in-person series of academic and social events at NYU Stern’s Greenwich Village campus. The program is designed for journalists interested in better understanding the interactions between climate change, financial markets, and the broader economy. Taught by NYU faculty, the Fellowship aims to provide participants with both the fundamental factors and latest trends in climate economics and finance.

Who can participate in the Fellowship?

Applications are open to and welcome from all journalists (both reporters and editors, and including freelancers) interested in covering the interface between climate and the economy. While aspects of the course have a focus on U.S. policies and institutions, we also welcome applications from journalists based outside the United States.

NYU Stern will select the final group of Fellows based on the documents submitted by applicants including the letter of motivation.

Will I have any costs to participate in the Fellowship?

All the costs of operating the program including all meals will be borne by NYU Stern. In addition, Fellows admitted to the program who reside outside the New York Metro Area will receive a $2,000 stipend to cover travel and accommodation costs; those residing inside the New York Metro Area will receive a $1,000 stipend.

What topics will you cover?

The sessions cover the fundamental economics and latest trends in climate economics. Prior training in economics is not required. Topics include:

  • How Climate Change is Roiling the Housing and Insurance Markets

  • Climate Risks to Financial Stability

  • How Climate Change is Altering Corporate Decision Making

  • The Economics of Climate Regulation + Carbon Markets

  • Biodiversity Loss as an Emerging Economic Risk

  • The Fast-Changing Economics of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles

  • Emerging Regulatory and Legislative Trends in Climate Finance and Economics

    Within these topics, we will consider urgent questions such as: Why are home insurance markets breaking down across the U.S.? What’s a carbon border adjustment mechanism and how might it affect global trade? How do cap-and-trade systems work? How do you calculate the Social Cost of Carbon, and why does it matter? What are the problems with carbon offsets, and how might they be solved? What are the economic and financial market effects of nature and biodiversity loss? How do the economics of renewable energy markets work?

    Dan Fagin will lead a discussion of the challenges of reporting on the interactions between climate change and the economy.

    There will be social events to allow for plenty of opportunities to get to know the other fellows and faculty in an informal setting.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Climate Economics Journalism Fellowship

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