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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are offered by the European Union for study at various European Universities. Students from developing countries are eligible for these scholarships.

Below is a list of all the scholarships available and subjects covered (Erasmus Mundus Scholarship » Scholarships for Developing Countries » Scholarships for International Students).

  • Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry Scholarships - ASC

  • ALGANT Doctoral Scholarships

  • AALGANT Master Scholarship

  • Agris Mundus Master in Sustainable Development - Agriculture Scholarships

  • Doctoral Scholarships in Law, Science and Technology

  • Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Scholarships (MESPOM)

  • Erasmus Mundus FUSION-EP Scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus MSc in Photonics Scholarship

  • Erasmus Mundus MA Audiovisual Translation Scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus MA Scholarships in Euroculture

  • Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics Scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media Scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus OpSciTech Scholarships

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS)

  • European Grants for Masters Students in Advanced Robotics

  • European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics Scholarships

  • MA Scholarships in Social Work

  • Masters Scholarships in Women's and Gender Studies

  • Master in Applied Ecology Scholarships

  • Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education Scholarships

  • Master Scholarships in Biomedical Engineering

  • MSc Scholarships in Dependable Software Systems

  • Master Scholarships in Service Engineering

  • MSc Scholarships in Animal Nutrition and Feeding

  • MSc Scholarships in BioHealth Computing

  • Master Scholarships in Documentary Filmdirecting

  • Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship in Geospatial Technologies

  • Master Scholarships in Transportation & Electrical Power Systems

  • Master Scholarships in Wind Energy

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European Master in Industrial Management

  • Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics Scholarships

  • European Master of Science International Health Degree Programme

  • European Masters in Informatics Scholarships

  • European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships

  • International Master in Management of IT Scholarships

  • International Master Scholarships in Early Childhood Education & Care

  • International Master Scholarships in Surface, Electro, Radiation & Photo-Chemistry

  • International MSc of Rural Development

  • MA in European Public Health Scholarships

  • M.A. Economics of International Trade and European Integration Scholarship

  • MA in International Relations Scholarships

  • MA Scholarships in Social Work

  • Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics Scholarships

  • Master PhoenixEM Dynamics of Health and Welfare Scholarships

  • Master Scholarships in Agricultural, Food & Environmental Policy Analysis

  • Master Scholarships in Biomedical Engineering

  • Master Scholarships in Economic Development and Growth

  • Master Scholarships in Information and Communication Technologies

  • Masters Scholarships in Astrophysics

  • Masters in Special Education Needs Scholarships

  • MSc Scholarships in Ecohydrology

  • Master Scholarships in Sustainable Territorial Development

  • Masters Scholarships in Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Master Scholarships in Transportation & Electrical Power Systems

  • Masters in Security and Mobile Computing Scholarships

  • Masters in Strategic Project Management Scholarships

  • MSc European Forestry Scholarships (MSc EF)

  • MSc Scholarships for Public Health in Disasters

  • MSc Scholarships in Information Technologies for Business Intelligence

  • MSc Scholarships in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

  • MSc Food for Life Scholarships

  • European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies Scholarships

  • Master Scholarships in Mechatronic and Micro-Mechatronic Systems

  • MSc in Computational Logic Scholarships

  • MSc in Material Engineering Scholarships

  • MSc Scholarships in Global Innovation Management

  • MSc Scholarships in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management

  • NOHA Joint European Master’s in International Humanitarian Action Scholarships

  • PhD Scholarships in Agriculture - AgTraIn Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme

  • PhD Scholarships in Animal Breeding and Genetics

  • PhD Scholarships in Economic EDEEM Programs

  • PhD Scholarships in Globalization

  • PhD Scholarships in Industrial Management

  • PhD Scholarships in Law and Economics

  • PhD Scholarships in Materials Science and Engineering

  • Scholarships for Professionals in Education - Mundusfor

  • Sustainable Tropical Forestry Erasmus Mundus Masters Course Scholarships

  • Scholarships in Sustainable Regional Health Systems

  • The European Masters Program in Computational Logic

  • Urban Studies Scholarships

  • MSc Construction Scholarships

  • MSc Scholarships in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

  • Master Scholarships in Tourism Management

  • MSc Scholarships in Nematology

  • Master Scholarships in Food Innovation and Product Design

  • MSc Scholarships in Food Identity

  • Master Scholarships in Law and Finance

  • Masters Scholarships in Women's and Gender Studies

  • TEMA Master Scholarships
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