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MSc Scholarships in Animal Nutrition and Feeding: The unique joint MSc course on Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding (EM-SANF), is offered by a consiortium of European universities.

It aims to decrease the shortage of academics in this field by educating third country and European students a state of the art, 2-years Master course in the feeding and nutrition of food producing animals with a multidisciplinary approach towards productivity, animal health and welfare and environmental aspects.

The aim of the MSc course aligns closely to achieving a second, double green revolution in the newly emerging and complex concept of sustainable animal production.

It brings together four European Higher Education Institutes from France, Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands with additional support of industrial and institutional partners worldwide.

The EM-SANF is an international - European - course with links connected to international feed companies and to capacity building in developing countries. It facilitates an international, intercultural setting and supports students to work with scientists and specialists at global research facilities.

The overall aims of the EM-SANF course are:

  • to offer international (EU and non-EU) students high quality and relevant education in sustainable animal nutrition and feeding, provided with a distinct European focus and quality criteria;
  • To encourage highly qualified students to train themselves in multidisciplinary novel scientific approaches (both reductionistic and holistic) as well as in managerial strategic thinking skills in the feed industry;
  • To provide students with an excellent combination of basic sciences and management & economics in the feed-to-food approach;
  • To improve accessibility and enhance the level and visibility of higher education in the field of animal nutrition and feeding in the EU.

    MSc Scholarships in Animal Nutrition and Feeding

    Full MSc Scholarships in Animal Nutrition and Feeding can be awarded to masters students who come from a country other than a European country and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries.

    1.Scholarship candidates must have already obtained a first higher education or demonstrate a recognised equivalent level of learning according to national legislation and practices.

    2.Individuals who have already benefited from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are not eligible for a second scholarship in order to follow the same or another Erasmus Mundus Course.

    3.Students benefiting from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship cannot benefit from another EU grant while pursuing their Erasmus Mundus masters studies.

    4. Erasmus Mundus scholarships are awarded exclusively for a full-time enrolment in one of the course editions.

    For more information and application, see: MSc Scholarships in Animal Nutrition and Feeding

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