Master Scholarships in Building Information Modelling

Master Scholarships in Building Information Modelling

Master Scholarships in Building Information Modelling

The rising importance of object-oriented digital representations of physical building elements, made possible by ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) approach, is introducing a significant change in the design, construction and operation.

BIM allows for the virtual construction of buildings in digital models that support Architects, Engineers and Contractors to better conceive and plan constructions since the design to operation stages.

These digital processes introduce new paradigms in the way that stakeholders relate to each other, with a great impact on design for construction and operations.

They also impact the processes by which information is exchanged and ultimately in the coordination of design modelling/efforts.

The objective of BIM A+ is to offer an advanced education programme on BIM integrated design, construction and operation processes, with a strong focus on the collaborative practices that are the cornerstone of such integration.

The Master combines the diversity of expertise at leading European universities in the relevant fields (Univ. Minho, Ljubljana, Milan), and 25 Associated Partners from academia, R&D and industry, offering education oriented to a multidisciplinary understanding of virtual construction through the involvement of experts from complementary fields (engineers, architects, programmers and others).

Students gain top level knowledge on BIM in a research oriented environment, with close cooperation with the industry and with a strong focus on problem solving.

The course will combine the recent advances in research and development with activities practical applications.

After successful completion of the BIM A+ a student will gain competences to compete in a highly demanding market as a BIM Manager/Strategist/Consultant/Modeller, furthermore, students may consider engaging in a further degree of studies towards (PhD) research on the BIM proficiency level.

The BIM A+ is a one year, full-time intensive programme (60 ECTS).

The programme shall be held on a rotating basis among partners.

Coursework (October - March) is concentrated in two countries each year and dissertation work (March - July) is divided by all involved institutions.

Dissertation can be performed in any of the involved institutions.

It is expected that students carry out the entire coursework in one location and the dissertation in another location.

The curriculum is exactly the same, no matter the student mobility track.

The study programme is composed of seven units, with six sequential units and one dissertation.

The units are executed sequentially as follows:

• BIM A+1 Management of information and collaboration in BIM

• BIM A+2 Modelling in Architecture and Engineering

• BIM A+3 Parametric Modelling in BIM

• BIM A+4 Advanced BIM data-systems and interoperability

• BIM A+5 4D, 5D, 6D modelling and applications

• BIM A+6 BIM based rehabilitation and sustainability analysis

• BIM A+7: Dissertation

Master Scholarships in Building Information Modelling

There are various forms of student scholarships available.

First of all there are scholarships funded by the Erasmus+ program (EU funded).

Secondly there are scholarships available funded by the consortium (Consortium scholarships).

All applications for BIM A+, made through the ‘Applications section’ are automatically considered for Erasmus+ grants or Consortium grants whenever eligible.

In order to be considered for Erasmus+ Grants, applicants must submit their full request up to 31st January.

Applications not selected for Erasmus+ Grant in the first call will automatically be considered in the second call for Consortium Grants, unless stated otherwise by applicants.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Erasmus Mundus scholarships are planned for students the geographical origin listed below applying within the first call.

These scholarships are financed by the Erasmus+ European program.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships (supporting up to 25000€ each) are organized as follows:

  • Up to 7 scholarships for students from Programme Countries (roughly ‘Europe/EU’)
  • Up to 8 scholarships for students from Partner Countries (roughly ‘rest of the world’)
  • Up to 3 scholarships reserved for students from Gulf countries
  • Up to 1 scholarship reserved for students from ACP countries
  • Up to 1 scholarship reserved for students from ENI South countries
  • Up to 1 scholarship reserved for students from Latin America – Brazil and Mexico

    Consortium Scholarships

    Consortium scholarships are planned for students from any geographical origin applying within the second call and third call.

    These scholarships are financed by the BIM A+ Consortium itself and are open to students of any nationality.

    Consortium scholarships are organized as follows:

  • Up to two scholarships of 14,000 Euro (fully covering tuition fees plus a living allowance support of ~500€)
  • Up to five scholarships of 6,400 Euro (partially covering the tuition fees)
  • Up to ten scholarships of 4,000 Euro (partially covering the tuition fees)

    Apply by 31st January.

    For more information and application details, see; Master Scholarships in Building Information Modelling

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