PhD Studentships in Atomic and Laser Physics - University of Oxford

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Two studentships in the theory of ultra-cold gases,

We invite applications to join our research effort in the area of many- and few-particle physics of ultra-cold atomic gases.

Our research interests include:

  • the preparation of macroscopic superposition quantum states,
  • molecule production in Bose-Einstein condensates via photo-association and Feshbach resonances,
  • pairing phenomena in ultra-cold atomic Fermi gases and exotic three-body molecular bound states formed in ultra-cold Bose gases.

    The first student project involves development and numerical implementation of time dependent descriptions of pairing and molecule formation in ultra-cold Bose and Fermi gases exposed to rapidly time varying magnetic fields.

    Such simulations aim to provide a microscopic understanding of the mechanism of atomic pairing in such systems and its widespread applications throughout many-particle physics, e.g. in the theory of superconductivity.

    The second project refers to the theory of inter-particle collisions in ultra-cold gases involving three or four atoms.

    This research aims to elucidate the structure of exotic molecular quantum states whose wave functions can reach macroscopic sizes.

    Both projects will be performed in close collaboration with experimental groups.

    Both studentships are available to start from February.

    The closing date for applications is Friday, 19th January.

    Applications should be made on the usual University application form - available from

    Completed forms with all supporting material should be sent to:

    Atomic and Laser Physics,
    Clarendon Laboratory,
    Parks Road,
    OX1 3PU,

    Please quote reference no: alp/002 and clearly state the project you wish.

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