PhD Student Position in Ultra Wideband Communication

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The position is with the Division for Communication Systems which belongs to the Department of Signals and Systems.

The division pursues advanced research in wireless and fiber optical communication links and systems.

The researchers have participated in developing 3G (WCDMA) and took part in the first demonstration of communication via ultra-wideband (UWB) in Europe.

Currently, the division participates, among other things, in an EU project which develops the 4th generation wireless communication system and a European network of excellence in wireless communications.

The open position is funded by the Swedish Research Council and deals with reliable packet transmission in ultra-wideband systems.

This work will be performed in close cooperation with similar UWB research in the High Speed Wireless Communication center, which Lund University and Chalmers is about to start with funding from the Foundation of Strategic Research.


The student will participate in developing new transmission techniques for high speed short range UWB communication systems.

The main priority is to develop new channel codes and modulation schemes, which are specially designed for the properties of UWB communication links.

The channel codes currently in use have been designed to minimize the average bit error probability on channel models that do not at all apply to channels in UWB systems.

We have proposed completely new design criteria for channel codes in UWB systems and the project aims at designing channel codes according to these new principles.

The work consists of both analytical studies of properties and performance of channel codes in UWB systems, as well as computer search for optimum codes and computer simulations of the performance of the codes.

Undergraduate teaching and other departmental work is also part of the position.

The major part of this is to be a teaching assistant, laboratory assistant or project assistant in courses within the communications area.

  • You must have a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or similar subject.
  • You must have taken courses on digital communications and wireless communications and have obtained good results in these,
  • should have experience of independent project work within the communications area,
  • must be independent but should at the same time be able to work in projects with others,
  • must be full of initiative and have analytical skills, should be good at programming,
  • must be fluent in both spoken and written English, since most of the education is in English and you must write your own publications in English, and
  • should have the ability to communicate research results and teaching material in a pedagogical and easily understandable way.

    Contact details

    The position is for a period of maximum five years.

    A maximum of 20% of this time period will be used for undergraduate teaching and other departmental work.

    The rest of the time is for the research towards a PhD degree and for taking the courses required for the degree.

    More information can be obtained by:

    Responsible research project leader, Professor Arne Svensson, phone: +46 31 772 1751,

    Email: arne.svensson [at] or

    Recruiting head of division,
    Professor Erik Ström,

    phone: +46 31 772 5182,

    Email: erik.strom [at]

    Please visit the department’s website >> for more information.


    The application should preferably contain a letter describing yourself and your interests, copies of transcripts, and a CV.

    The position number 140/2006 must be referenced.

    We look forward to receive applications from both women and men to this position.

    The application should be sent in one delivery to registrator [at] or

    Chalmers University of Technology,
    SE-412 96 Gothenburg,

    Please note, that the application should NOT be sent to the responsible research project leader or the recruiting head of division!

    Union representatives SACO Jan Lindér ST-ATF Monika Orrbacke SEKO Ralf Berndtsson

    They can be reached through Chalmers switchboard: +46 31 772 1000.

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