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MSc and PhD Studentships are available in the Life Sciences Graduate Program of the International University Bremen, "Biological Recognition" (BioRec).

The graduate school "Biological Recognition" (BioRec) at the International University Bremen (IUB) has studentships available to begin in September.

The working language on Campus is English.

The Molecular Life Sciences graduate program, BioRec (, is focused on biological recognition, one of the most fascinating phenomena of life.

Specific recognition events occur at all levels of complexity in biological systems, and their investigation requires a convergence of the disciplines of the life sciences, including, but not limited to, structural and computational biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, immunology, physiology, and biotechnology.

Faculty from these and neighboring areas have come together in BioRec to combine their expertise in research and teaching.

Students who enter BioRec with a Bachelor of Science or equivalent (that is, three years of study in a life sciences subject - including three years of study in a German Diplom program) are taken to the degree of M.Sc. within five years.

In addition to practical training in three rotation laboratories and the doctoral thesis research, BioRec offers a combination of carefully designed didactic courses, a lively seminar program with opportunities for oral presentation and discussion of scientific information and hypotheses, and teaching experience in undergraduate courses.

There are about ten full stipends available.

They consists of a waiver of the study fees at IUB, and a monthly allowance to cover food, housing, and personal expenses, and are guaranteed for two years.

Students who do well in the MSc stage can, after 18 months, directly transfer to their PhD thesis work without MSc thesis and examination.

This is dependent on an offer of financial support from a faculty member.

IUB is an excellent place for graduate training in the life sciences:

Faculty have ambitious and interactive research programs, scientific work takes place in new and well-equipped laboratories, and other graduate (such as Nanomolecular Sciences) and undergraduate programs (Biology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biochemical Engineering) create a vigorous scientific environment.

As students for the BioRec graduate program, we seek applicants with outstanding undergraduate records in the biological, chemical, or physical sciences who show great promise of successful careers in research.

Our students will enthusiastically approach a research oriented graduate program and demonstrate leadership, creativity, and commitment in the pursuit of new scientific knowledge.

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A prospectus with more details and information about applying to BioRec, is at the website: MSc and PhD Studentships in the Life Sciences

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