Canadian  Executive Service Organization

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At home and around the world, CESO volunteers, supporters and clients help to build strong independent communities.

Our Mission:

To build capacity in governance and economic development through the transfer of knowledge and skills by Volunteer Advisers.

CESO provides advisory and mentorship services to:

  • Businesses
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aboriginal communities
  • Municipalities and other government bodies

    Can CESO help you?

    Do you have a business in need of advice and services? Does your community require assistance in financial management, business development and governance? Could your students, business or organization benefit from a temporary or ongoing mentorship?

    If so, CESO Volunteer Advisers can provide you with the help needed to achieve the goals you set for your organization.

    We're in the business of promoting economic self-sufficiency and better governance practices.

    Our non-profit organization maintains a roster of over 2,700 Volunteer Advisers (VAs), one of the biggest resource banks of management and technical expertise of its kind.

    Every year, CESO completes approximately 1,500 assignments, in collaboration with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians, and international clients.

    For information and application visit: Canadian Executive Service Organization

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