Paid Tuskys Internships in Kenya 2021/2022

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Paid Tuskys Internships in Kenya (Tuskys Supermarkets Internships); Tuskys Supermarkets has announced a 5 year internship program that will see them take on 7500 graduates.

They will train 1500 graduates every year for five years. Tuskys has partnered with Artemis Outsourcing, The National Youth Service, and Utalii College for the internship program.

The interns will be paid an allowance of Ksh. 15,000 monthly. To support the program, Tuskys has set up a Resource Center along Ronald Ngala Street at a cost of Kshs. 20m.

It will cost an average of Kshs. 83,000 to train each candidate for 1 month and the total investment will be Ksh. 154m annually.

Tuskys Supermarkets Internships in Kenya - Qualifications

The internship program will be available to degree, diploma and certificate graduates. The skills the graduates are expected to learn are: how to sell, bakery production and operation and how to run a fresh produce business over a one month period.

Upon completion of the internship, Tuskys expects to absorb up to 50% of the candidates within its employment cadres. Tuskys Supermarkets Paid Internships in Kenya.

To apply to the Tuskys Internships in Kenya program, send an application to

For more information and application details, see; Paid Tuskys Internships in Kenya

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