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Internews Humanitarian Media Roster - We're always recruiting!

Internews is looking for professionals to join the Internews Humanitarian Media Roster to respond to crises and emergencies around the world.

During humanitarian disasters people affected by the unfolding tragedy need more than physical necessities. They also have an urgent need for information.

To strengthen its immediate response capacity in emergency situations, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Project (HIP) has created a standing roster of humanitarian communication experts and media professionals.

In the event of a humanitarian disaster, this roster allows Internews to quickly assemble groundbreaking response teams that deliver professional, timely, reliable and well-targeted humanitarian communication solutions in the wake of humanitarian crises.

These teams will deploy within 24-36 hours of a disaster to identify and assist the local information ecosystem, support local media and help humanitarian responders understand, assess and address the information and communication needs of disaster affected communities.

Experienced and highly motivated individuals who understand the complex nature of humanitarian disasters and can enter those situations with a good sense of calm, resilience and humor are encouraged to apply to be part of the Internews Humanitarian Media Roster.

To apply to be part of the Humanitarian Media Roster; see - Internews Humanitarian Media Roster - Always Recruiting

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