Unique Research Opportunities, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS) is an international research centre at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), designated as a Centre of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway.

The aim of CeSOS is to develop fundamental knowledge for the design and operation of future ships, offshore structures, floating bridges and airports, installations for aquaculture and production of renewable energy from the oceans by integrating theoretical and experimental research in marine hydrodynamics, structural mechanics and automatic control.

Structures for operations in an ocean environment with ice are of concern.

The annual budget is about USD 5 millions.

More than 80 researchers are affiliated with the Centre and the annual research effort is about 50 researcher years.

Revenues include a significant contribution from The Research Council of Norway, and contributions from the following companies and organizations based in Norway:

NTNU, Det Norske Veritas, MARINTEK, Norsk Hydro, Statoil, and SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture.

CeSOS operates in close cooperation with the marine technology community at NTNU, MARINTEK, SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture, INSEAN (Rome), CSSRC (Wuxi/Shanghai), a group of MIT professors and other international leading universities and research institutes.

See the website for further information.

CeSOS would like to invite applications for:

  • CoE1/07: Visiting professor or researcher positions – with a duration of 2 months or more (up to one year)

  • CoE2/07: Postdoctor or researcher positions – with a duration of 1 to 2 years (up to 10 positions)

  • CoE3/07: PhD fellowships with a duration of 3 years (up to 8 positions)

    The projects are organized according to the main discipline of the relevant research.

    More information about possible projects may be found in the CeSOS webpage: http://www.cesos.ntnu.no under Positions.

    The applicant should indicate her/his areas of interest in terms of research projects, among those given in the website (by a letter and a number) or related items that are of interest, and how they link to previous studies and research work.

    The fellowship period for doctoral studies will be 3 years.

    The annual gross salary for doctoral students will normally be NOK 310 500, but could in special cases be higher based upon qualifications and will be increased according to normal salary policy.

    Post doctors and researchers will normally be engaged for a one or two years period, with a possibility of extension contingent upon the results achieved in the period.

    The gross salary for postdoctors will normally be NOK 389 400 to NOK 433 400, while researchers’ salary would normally be slightly higher.

    Salary will be increased according to normal salary policy. Personal taxes and a contribution to a pension fund, amounting to about 30-35 %, will be deducted from the gross salary.

    Visiting professors will normally get a support of NOK 43 500 for the first month and NOK 22 500 for additional months, to cover accommodation and other expenses to stay at CeSOS. Additional support is negotiable.

    Unless it is not documented that the support is spent for the intended purpose, tax might also have to be deducted from the allowance.

    Applications for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships as well as researcher positions should include authorized documentation of previous education, study record, e.g. with list of subjects and grades obtained, work experiences as well as possible achievements in research, and should be sent to:

    Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures, NTNU
    Marine Technology Centre
    NO-7491 Trondheim

    (You may send email with all the necessary documents attached as scanned documents. Before possibly signing a contract with you, NTNU will need authorized documents by air mail)

    Mark your application: CoE1/07, CoE2/07 or CoE3/07 and indicate your research interest among the topics given by a letter and number in the CeSOS homepage.

    Apply as soon as possible and at the latest (stamping of the mail): April 15th

    Further information may be obtained from:

    The Unique Research Opportunities at NTNU homepage: http://www.cesos.ntnu.no

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