Predoctoral Researcher in Molecular Genetics, The University of Antwerp, UK

This doctoral study programme in Molecular Genetics is an opportunities that is offered by the University of Antwerp to its PhD students all over the world.


  • The candidate should be holder of a university degree in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bio-engineering (Cell and Gene Technology), Biology or Biomedical Sciences.

  • He/she obtained this degree minimally with distinction.
  • The candidate uses the English language fluently and has ambition to contribute to a competitive research field as part of a PhD thesis project.

  • Previous experience in molecular and cellular biology through a Master thesis, and a FELASA degree is an advantage.

  • The candidate has only been active as holder of a scholarship (0 years of service).

  • Necessary skills: highly motivated to perform scientific research, able to work independently in team-oriented projects, good sense for team spirit, responsibility and accuracy, well-organized and flexible, mobile and willing to work with animals.


    Prof. Dr. Vincent Timmerman,
    PhD VIB - Department of Molecular Genetics
    Peripheral Neuropathy Group
    University of Antwerp - CDE
    Parking P4, Building V,
    Room 1.30 Universiteitsplein 1
    BE-2610 Antwerpen
    Tel: +32 3 265 10 24
    Tel: +32 3 265 10 02 (Secretary VIB8: Mrs. Gisèle Smeyers) Fax: +32 3 265 10 12

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