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Oxmos: New Frontiers In The Mathematics Of Solids

Postgraduate Studentships

Studentship: Epsrc Standard Studentship + University and College Fees

We invite applications for four postgraduate studentships, funded by EPSRC, to work as part of the 5-year Critical Mass programme in "New Frontiers in the Mathematics of Solids" with Prof John Ball (from the Applied Analysis and Mechanics Group), Prof Jon Chapman (from the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) and Prof Endre Suli (from the Numerical Analysis Group).

The programme aims to strengthen the mathematical underpinning of modern materials science through the transfer of technology and techniques across areas; to link up with materials scientists, engineers and biologists; and to train a new generation of mathematicians, competent in analysis, modelling and computation, who can effectively interact with scientists from other fields.

It will incorporate at least 6 DPhil students and 6 Postdocs along with numerous distinguished visitors.

All the successful candidates will become members of The Queen's College.

For more details of the programme, see the website at Postgraduate studentships in Mathematics

The studentships will be in the following areas:

  • Models for interfacial energy (based at the MI) - BK/06/031
  • Modelling dislocation ladders in fatigue (based at the MI) - BK/06/032
  • Mathematical modelling of breast and heart tissue (based at the MI) - BK/06/033.
  • Continuum limits of atomistic energies and new computational models of fracture (based at the Comlab) - BK/06/034

    The studentships are available from 1 October, and two studentships are subject to EPSRC DTA Nationality Criteria.

    The other two project studentships are open to UK/EU and overseas students, and cover full fees (at the UK/EU rate) and maintenance.

    Non-EU students will need to make up the difference between the UK/EU and overseas fees rate (the current difference being approximately £7,500).

    The maintenance stipend is £12,300 this academic year.

    Further particulars may be obtained from Margaret Sloper at The Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LB, email graduate.studies [at]

    Applications should include a CV, covering letter, the name and address of three references and the University's application form for graduate study which can be downloaded from: Postgraduate studentships in Mathematics - Application Form

    (note that this requires the attachment of a transcript of your undergraduate degree) and must arrive by lunchtime on 1 March.

    Ensure that you clearly state the BK reference code(s) for the studentship(s) that you wish to apply for.

    It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that their references arrive by the closing date.

    Oxford University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

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