PhD Positions in Wireless, RF/Microwave, and Radar Systems at Jacobs University Bremen - Germany

Dr. Jon Wallace, Professor of Electrical Engineering with the School of Engineering and Science at Jacobs University Bremen*, has two immediate openings for highly qualified PhD students in the general area of Communications, Systems, and Electronics.

Likely research topics include

  • Wireless Communications
  • RF/Microwave Circuits
  • Reconfigurable Microwave Antennas
  • Propagation Channel Measurement, Characterization, Modeling
  • MIMO Communications
  • UWB Communications and RADAR
  • Microwave RADAR for biomedical and through-wall imaging
  • Wireless Security

    The successful candidates will conduct research with a strong experimental component involving

  • RF/Microwave circuit/antenna design and simulation in ADS
  • Prototype circuit fabrication and testing
  • System-level integration of instruments and custom hardware
  • Digital logic design, simulation, synthesis
  • VHDL programming of Xilinx FPGAs
  • Data collection and processing with MATLAB
  • Development of signal processing and communications algorithms

    The successful candidates will fill two PhD openings that carry three years of guaranteed funding (tuition plus a living stipend of EUR 12.000/year).

    Funding extensions beyond three years are in theory possible through DAAD or other external sources.

    Candidates should have an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering or related field.

    University or work experience in hardware, programming, and experimental methods is also a plus.

    Individuals with a BSc interested in pursuing research in these areas at the master’s level are encouraged to apply to the masters program in Communications, Systems, and Electronics.

    To be considered for these positions, clearly refer to this announcement in your letter of intent.

    For informal inquiries or questions regarding these positions or research topics, you may contact Dr. Wallace at [email protected]

    *Jacobs University, formerly known as International University Bremen, is a private university in northern Germany based on the Anglo/American model, offering BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in engineering and science, the humanities, and social sciences.

    Instruction is in English.

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