INRIA Calls for PhD and Post-Doctoral Positions in Information Sciences - France

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INRIA calls for PhD and Post Doctoral positions (about 150) with funding.

Research Areas:

Communication Systems:

  • Distributed systems and software architecture
  • Networks and telecoms
  • Embedded systems and mobility
  • Architecture and compiling

    Cognitive Systems:

  • Statistical modeling and machine learning
  • Perception, indexing and communication for images and video
  • Multimedia data: interpretation and man-machine interaction
  • Image synthesis and virtual reality

    Biological Systems:

  • Modeling and simulation in biology and medicine

    Symbolical Systems:

  • Reliability and safety of software
  • Algebraic and geometric structures, algorithms
  • Management and processing of language and data

    Numerical Systems:

  • Control and complex systems
  • Grids and high-performance computing
  • Optimisation and inverse problems for stochastic or large-scale systems
  • Modeling, simulation and numerical analysis

    Application is accepted through out the year.

    For precise information on application procedure please see; INRIA Calls for PhD and Post-Doctoral Positions in Information Sciences

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