Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

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Location: Zimbabwe

Duration: Up to 3 years

Responsible to the Program Manager, the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer will be responsible for guiding the overall M&E strategy and implementation of related activities within the program and via partners, and providing timely and relevant information to program stakeholders.

This entails close communication with all involved in M&E design and coordination including core program and partner M&E staff, representatives from the PCC, representatives from primary stakeholder groups, the Program Manager, and external consultants.

  • Revise the program log frame matrix, particularly in the areas of the objective hierarchy, indicators and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Develop the overall framework for program M&E, for example, annual program reviews, participatory impact assessments, process monitoring, operations monitoring and lessons learned workshops.
  • With stakeholders, set out the framework and procedures for the evaluation of program activities.
  • With implementing partners, review their existing approaches and management information systems and agree on any required changes, support and resources.
  • Identify other M&E staff that the program requires, and guide recruitment.
  • Recruit, guide and supervise organisations that are contracted to implement special surveys and studies required for evaluating program impact.
  • Develop a plan for program-related capacity building on M&E and for any computer-based support that may be required.
  • Organise and undertake training with stakeholders, including primary stakeholders, in M&E skills, including participatory aspects.
  • Guide the establishment of administrative, accounting and program-component M&E systems.
  • Collate reports from all implementing agencies and ensure that the reports are prepared, and consolidate them for easy reporting by the PMU.
  • Mobilise relevant M&E technical assistance in a timely manner, with clearly demarcated responsibilities that are based on the participatory and equity principles of the program.


    The ideal candidate should have at least three years of proven experience with:

  • The Logical Framework Approach and other strategic planning approaches.
  • M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory).
  • Planning and implementation of M&E systems.
  • Training in M&E development and implementation.
  • Facilitating learning-oriented analysis sessions of M&E data with multiple stakeholders.
  • Information analysis and report writing.

    Further requirements include:

  • A solid understanding of health systems in Zimbabwe, with a focus on participatory processes, joint management, and gender issues.
  • Familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organisations and building local capacities for self-management.
  • Willing to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders.
  • Experience in M&E system design.
  • Proven ability to work in close collaboration with ministries, local authorities and key stakeholders.
  • Demonstrable experience working within budgets and workplans.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexibility, ability to adapt to a changing environment and willing to travel frequently in arduous conditions.


    Interested parties are invited to submit their CV and a one page cover letter outlining how their experience meets the above requirements to Caroline Wilkins at carolinew [at]

    CVs of suitable applicants will be added to the GRM Consultant Database.

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