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July 03 2008, ISSUE #080.

July 2008 Part  I 

"I like thinking of possibilities. At any time, an entirely new possibility is liable to come along and spin you off in an entirely new direction. The trick, I've learned, is to be awake to the moment." - Doug Hall Adams

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** Advance Africa Scholarships**

A: Scholarships

  • Full Great Lakes of Africa Scholarships for Undergraduates

    The scholarship provides promising student from the Great Lakes Region of Africa with the full financial assistance needed to attend College of the Atlantic (COA). The scholarship covers tuition, room, board, books and health insurance.

  • 60 Graduate Scholarships for International Students

    60 fully-funded scholarships are available for prospective international students to study at Zhejiang University. The scholarship covers tuition and fees, CNY 1,400 per month living allowance, CNY 600 per year for medical services plus CNY 600 one-off settlement subsidy for new students after registration.

  • Full Australian National University Scholarships for Undergraduates

    Each year the Australian National University offers several scholarships that cover tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) premiums for international students who are immediate school leavers.

  • €42,000 Animal Breeding and Genetics Scholarships

    Scholarships of up to €21,000 per year(for two years) are availabe to study European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics course at any of the 6 universities on Erasmus Mundus programme. The scholarship covers the living costs, insurances, travel costs and subscription fees.

  • $12,000 Young Scientists Scholarships

    Applications for IFS Research Grants are welcome from young scientists in developing countries to do research on the sustainable management, use or conservation of biological or water resources.

  • Scholarships for Professionals in Education

    MUNDUSFOR offers a master degree in higher education to professionals that wish to orient their careers toward the field of education. The scholarship of up to €42,000 covers travel, living expenses and tuition in Europe for the full duration of the course.

  • Ernst Mach Scholarships for Developing Countries Students

    Ernst Mach grant are for students from non-European countries to study a master degree programme (fulltime) at an Austrian university of applied sciences. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation and a monthly grant of up to €1040.

  • Full Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry Scholarships

    For each student the scholarship amounts to 21,000 Euro per academic year. This includes 10 monthly grants of 1,600 Euro and a fixed amount of 5,000 Euro for fees, travel expenses, relocation costs, etc. Students from all over the world are welcome to join the programme.

  • North-South-Dialogue Scholarships

    The North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme offers scholarships for selected master programmes. The scholarship covers travel expenses, accommodation plus a monthly scholarship of up to EUR 940.

  • MA Scholarships in Peace and Conflict Studies

    MA Scholarships are available for the MA Program in Peace and Conflict Studies at European University Center for Peace Studies. Grant covers tuition, accommodation and travel costs for students from developing countries.

  • €35, 600 Master’s in International Humanitarian Action Scholarships

    European Commission grants Scholarships to highly qualified third-country graduate students and scholars to; students to follow the NOHA Mundus Masters Course, to scholars to carry out teaching and research assignments and scholarly work in the NOHA universities participating in the Course.

  • Young Photographers Competition Awards

    Each year, the Directory hosts an international Young Photographers Competition, for which photography students are invited to submit work. The shots Directory are now inviting entries from photography students studying degree-level courses around the world.

  • £13,500 PhD Studentship at University of Wolverhampton

    A PhD studentship is available in the Department of Engineering and Technology at Wolverhampton University. This is an opportunity to conduct research on statistical shape analysis of the human back.

  • Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowships

    The fellowship program is designed to help graduate students formulate doctoral dissertation proposals that are competitive in fellowship competitions. If awarded a fellowship, the airfare, hotel, meals and ground transport will be paid for by the Social Science Research Council.

  • Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship (Any developing country or Canada)

    The Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship provides assistance to Canadian and developing country graduate students with a university degree in Agriculture, Forestry or Biology, who wish to undertake post-graduate, applied on-farm research with cooperating farmers in a developing country. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program at a recognized university in Canada or in a developing country for the duration of the award period.

  • £10,000 Economics Research Scholarship

    University of Oxford invites applications for a President Museveni scholarship of £10000 to support Africans wishing to pursue economic research at the University for the degree of D Phil.

  • African Women in Agricultural Research and Development Fellowships

    The Gender and Diversity program invites applications for the fellowships under the AWARD Program.The fellowship will support African agricultural women scientists with PhD degrees, including those in post-doctoral positions, and women scientists with MA/MSc/MPhil/BA/BSc degrees.

    B: NGO Grants

  • International Women's Programs Grants

    The IWP seeks to promote the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality in law and practice, and the empowerment of women to ensure participation in the democratic processes. Organizations can apply for one to three year grants ranging from $25,000 to $200,000.

  • Children's Investment Fund Foundation Grants

    The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) seeks to demonstrably improve the lives of children living in poverty in developing countries by achieving large scale and sustainable impact.

  • $40,000 African Women Development Grants

    The AWDF funds local, national, sub-regional and regional organisations in Africa working towards women's empowerment. In addition to awarding grants, the AWDF attempts to strengthen the organisational capacities of its grantees. Organisations can apply for grants of up to $40,000.

  • McKnight Foundation Grants

    Africa Grants Program seeks to increase women's access to skills and economic opportunities that will help them gain greater control over their lives. In addition, the program tries to help women participate more fully in their households and communities as equal decision-makers.

    C: Conference & Workshops

  • $3000 Travel Grants for Scholars and Graduate Students

  • Travel Grants to Three Conferences in Africa

  • Women's Edition Travel and Seminar Funding

  • Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Stability Conference Scholarships

  • Women PeaceMakers Conference Scholarships

  • African Digital Scholarship & Curation Conference

  • European Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms in Stochastic and Dynamic Environments

  • Conference and International Meeting Scholarships

    D: Upcoming deadlines

  • Ashoka-Lemelson Fellowship Program

  • Leiden University MA Scholarships - The Netherlands

  • Leiden University Scholarships

  • Masters and Doctoral Scholarships at Ritsumeikan University - Japan

  • Scholarships and Awards for International Undergraduate Students at Trent University Canada

  • Research Scholarships for Lawyers from Developing Countries and Countries in Economic Transition

  • PhD Studentship at University of Oxford

  • Moabi Stipendium for African Botanists

  • Postgraduate Research Studentship in Photonic Communication System Research

  • Bursaries for Undergraduate International Students studying Psychology

  • Higher Education Masters Programme in Africa Scholarships

  • King Faisal Foundation Scholarships

  • Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship

  • Master in Maritime Law Scholarships - Lund University, Sweden

  • MSc in Environmental Engineering Scholarships - Luleå University of Technology

  • Design for Sustainable Development Scholarships - Charlmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • Coastal Zone Management Master's Scholarships - Gotland University, Sweden

  • Urban Forestry and Urban Greening Scholarships - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP)

  • Carnegie Mellon University - AusAID Scholarships

  • The Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program (LEAP)

  • LLM scholarships at Kings College London 31/March each year.

  • Worcester Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 31/March each year.

  • Information Sciences and Geography Commonwealth Scholarships 31/March each year.

  • MSc Community Eye Health & Opthalmology Scholarships, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 31/March each year.

  • MSc Corona Fellowships, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 31/March each year.

  • Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust Scholarships 31/March each year.

  • Scholarships for the Blind 31/March each year.

  • Gordon R McCulloch Scholarship 31/March each year.

  • LLM Scholarship in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law - Ohio Northern University, USA 31/March each year.

  • Sustainable Housing Scholarships1 April each year.

  • ENS International Scholarships - France April each year.

  • African Guest Researcher Scholarship Programme 1 April each year.

  • Sofja Kovalevskaja Award 1 April each year.

  • Amsterdam Undergraduate and Postgraduate Merit Scholarships 1 April each year.

  • MSc Sustainability Scholarships 1 April each year.

  • Associated Board International Scholarships April each year.

  • MSc Sustainability Scholarships 1/April each year.

  • African Guest Researcher Scholarship Programme 1/April each year.

  • Film Your Issue Global Competition 1/April 14 each year.

  • Master of Nonprofit Organizations Scholarships April 25 each year.

  • ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships April 15 each year.

  • University of Glasgow Commonwealth Scholarships April 18 each year.

  • Olive Stone Law School Scholarships April 25 each year.

  • National Geographic Society Grants - Research and Exploration Grants

  • EADB Graduate Scholarship in Development Studies

  • International Undergraduate Student Scholarships Deadline: May 1 each year.

  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Scholarships Deadline: May 1 each year.

  • Refugee Academic Grants Deadline: May each year.

  • Sheffield Commonwealth Shared Scholarship May 2 each year.

  • Environment, Food, Health and Technology Scholarships May 2 each year.

  • Training Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine - Wellcome Trust May 7 each year.

  • Warwick Manufacturing Group Postgraduate Award May 9 each year.

  • Ireland International Scholarship Programme 9/May each year.

  • Scholarship for a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Engineering - Italy Deadline: May 10th each year.

  • e8 Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships May 15 each year.

  • HIV/Aids Conference Scholarships May 15 each year.

  • MSc and Diploma Bursaries, Cancer Research, UK May 16 each year.

  • Birmingham Law School Research Scholarships - UK May 23 each year.

  • Lord Dahrendorf Scholarships - London School of Economics 23/May each year.

  • Hermes Creative Awards May 25 each year.

  • MediaTek International Student Fellowship End of May each year

  • Exxon Mobil Earth and Environment Scholarships, University of Leeds End of May each year

  • TBA Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students June 30 each year.

  • North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme June 30 each year.

  • Birmingham Law School LLM Scholarships End of June each year.

  • Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) Grants June each year.

  • Georgina Sweet Fellowship 31 July each year.

  • Visiting Fellowships in Commonwealth Studies Deadline: August each year.

  • Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships Deadline: September 1 each year.

  • Albert J Harris Award Deadline: September 1 each year.

  • Dina Feitelson Research Award Deadline: September 1 each year.

  • Acumen Fund Fellows Program October 24 each year.

  • Great Lakes of Africa Scholarship October 31 each year.

  • International Masters Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science Nov 1 each year.

  • Alzheimer's Disease Research Awards Nov 10 each year.

  • International Achievement Scholarship Nov 30 each year.

  • MBA and MPA Scholarship by Management - Institute of Canada

  • Five College African Scholars Program

  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scheme

  • World Press Photo Contest

  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award, The University of British Columbia

  • International Student Humanitarian Award, University of British Columbia

  • President’s Entrance Scholarship, The University of British Columbia

  • Scholarships for AgEcon Master Program

  • Research Dissemination Support Grant 15/January each year.

  • LLM in Human Rights Law Scholarships - Sweden 15/Feb

  • Tourism and Hospitality Scholarships - Australia 29/Feb each year.

  • Warwick Postgraduate Research funding 29/Feb each year.

  • Environmental Studies Commonwealth Scholarship 1/March each year.

  • TU/e Talent Scholarship Program 1/March each year.

  • University of Edinburgh Shell Centenary Scholarships 1/March each year.

  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Graduate Scholarship Program 1/March each year.

  • International Enrichment Award - Michigan State University1 March each year.

  • Urgent PhD Scholarship for East Africans 14/March each year.

  • LLM scholarships at Kings College London 14/March each year.

  • The Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program (LEAP) 14/March each year.

  • Scholarships for MSc in Environmental Technology & International Affairs15 March each year.

  • E: Internships

  • Africa Advocacy Intern - Kenya

  • Africa Program Intern - Kenya

  • Environmental Health Intern - Kenya

  • Environmental Health Intern - Ethiopia

  • Young Professionals Program at the World Bank

  • Junior Professional Associates Program - World Bank

    F: Jobs

  • Commercial/Business Law Experts Closing Date: 07 Jul 2008.

  • District Facility Coordinator, Kenya - 4 Posts Closing Date: 05 Aug 2008.

  • Logistic Coordinator - Zimbabwe Closing Date: 26 Aug 2008.

  • Communications Expert - Tanzania Closing Date: 30 Aug 2008.

  • Community Development Coordinator - Malawi Closing Date: 30 Aug 2008.

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