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March 2007 Part IV

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March 26 2007, ISSUE #031.

A. Scholarships

1. Business School Scholarships Competition

Business school candidates worldwide are invited to enter the Beat the GMAT 2007 competition that awards scholarship packages, valued at almost $9,000, to applicants who demonstrate need. The competition is designed to provide business school candidates with assistance to help them achieve their full potential on the GMAT and in the business school application process.

2. Integrated Masters in Health Informatics Scholarships (Available for study in Tanzania and Ethiopia )

Integrated Masters in Health Informatics Scholarships are available to students from developing countries. A formal requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in informatics, health or related areas. No tuition fee will be charged. The scholarships will cater for basic subsistence and accommodation and transport from home area to the city of education. 3. Higher Education Masters Programme in Africa Scholarships

The Higher Education Masters in Africa Programme (HEMA) is a new program that will allow students to study at the University of Oslo , University of Western Cape , South Africa , and Makerere University . 16 scholarships are awarded annually to students from Africa admitted to the HEMA programme. Scholarships cover: tuition fees, living cost and accommodation, travel expenses from home country to the admitting institution, installation grant, excess luggage, medical insurance, field work, publication grant and visa.

4. Hauser Global Scholars LLM Scholarships

The Hauser Global Scholars Program, a part of the Hauser Global Law School Program, offers generous financial support to a limited number of outstanding foreign students for one year of study at New York University School of Law enrolled in the course leading to the LL.M. degree. Each Hauser Global Scholar receives full tuition and reasonable living expenses, including rent and the cost of textbooks and other study materials.

5. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Scholarships

Each year, the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund awards grants to women from developing countries engaged in graduate studies in the United States or Canada. The scholarships Grant amounts to about $11,000. The applicants must be 25 years and above.

6. Bursaries for Undergraduate International Students studying Psychology

The School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK, welcomes applications from overseas students. A bursary scholarship is available for all overseas undergraduate students.

7. Leiden University Fund Scholarships

Each year the organisation of alumni, Leiden University Fund (LUF) awards Leiden University Fund Scholarships to outstanding foreign students pursuing a Masters Degree at Leiden University. The scholarship consists of € 10.800,- for one academic year.

8. UN Fellowships Programme in International Law

The fellowships are awarded to qualified professionals from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. They enable mid-level government officials and young university teachers of international law etc., to acquire additional knowledge on international law and on the legal work of the United Nations and its associated bodies.

9. Scholarships for Study Abroad Programs in Argentina

Road2Argentina, a study abroad organization, is now offering scholarships for Spanish immersion, and internship programs. The scholarships are merit-based and are open to any program participant.

10. Albert Dunning International Organ Competition

The first edition of the Albert Dunning international organ competition will run from June 18th to 22nd in the Pieve di San Brizio in Spoleto (PG), Italy. The competition is open to organists of any nationality who have not reached the age of 40 by June 18th 2007.

11. Kala Fellowship Award

The Kala Art Institute in Berkeley , California , is accepting applications for the Kala Fellowship Award. Each year Kala chooses eight artists from a variety of disciplines such as traditional and digital printmaking, book arts, photography, film, video, and installation art.

12. Fellowships Available to attend Islamic Art Symposium at VCU

The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts are offering 15 Hamad Bin Khalifa travel fellowships. The fellowship provides financial support for conference attendance and recognition of scholars from diverse geographic and cultural areas, including those from the less developed and less well-funded countries.

13. Master’s and Ph.D Students for Technical University of Munich

Technical University Munich have a position available for a Ph.D student as part of a project funded by the German Cancer Research Foundation to establish physiological animal models of human cancer. Applicants should hold a master`s degree, or equivalent in biology, molecular biotechnology or a related field.

14. Master and Doctoral Student Position in Cancer Models, Technical University Munich, Germany

Technical University Munich currently has positions available for Master’s students to work on projects in two areas of research. The positions are funded for an initial period of three years. It also has a position available for a PhD student as part of a project funded by the German Cancer Research Foundation.

15. PhD Scholarships in Economics - University of Kent

The Department of Economics at the University of Kent welcomes applications for 4 Doctoral Scholarships. Candidates must hold a good Master’s degree at merit or distinction in Economics and/or equivalent subjects.

16. PhD Candidates and Postdocs in Microelectronics, The University of Freiburg

The Chair of Microelectronics at IMTEK, University of Freiburg offers positions of PhD Candidates and Postdocs in Microelectronics or Microsystems Technology. The positions are limited in time for 3-5 years with the possibility of an extension.

17. PhD Scholarships at the University of Aarhus, Denmark

The University of Aarhus invites international students to apply for PhD programmes in Political science, Psychology, Law or Economics and management. Applications are requested from candidates holding a Master’s degree, or equivalent degree in a related subject area.

18. PhD Graduate Assistants Landscape Ecology and Ecological Modeling

University of Missouri - Columbia invites applications for these two PhD assistantship positions. The stipend for each PhD graduate assistant is $18,000/year for three years.

19. PhD student (or postdoc), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Leiden

Institute of Biology at Leiden University invites applications for this PhD studentship on the production and perception of formants in bird vocalizations. Candidates are expected to have an MSc degree in Biology, Biomedical Science, Cognitive Neuroscience or other relevant discipline.

20. PhD Studentships in Psychology, University of Birmingham in UK

The School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, is offering up to 10 University and Research Council funded research studentships for students wishing to start a research degree in October. The studentships pay the tuition fee and a maintenance allowance currently £12,300 per annum.

21. PhD Studentships in Business Law - Aarhus School of Business

At the Centre for International Business Law (CIBL) two PhD scholarships are vacant. A PhD scholarship has duration of three years. Graduates and students expecting to complete their study programme in the near future may apply for the scholarships.

22. PhD Studentship in Transport Engineering - University of Southampton

An EngD Studentship is available for start immediately, sponsored by Mott MacDonald. The minimum tax free stipend is currently circa £17,000 per annum. Applicants should have a 1st or 2.1 class degree (or equivalent) in engineering or physical sciences.

23. PhD Scholarships at University College Cork, Ireland

The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, University College Cork, invites applications for PhD Scholarships in the areas listed here. The Scholarships will be tenable at University College Cork from 1 October 2007 for a maximum of 3 years.

24. Post Doctorate Positions, LINK, UNU-MERIT/ILRI,Nigeria/India

This is a three year project with substantial funding by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and it seeks to appoint 2 post-doctoral positions. The project offers the unique opportunity of exploring critical operational, policy and theoretical questions concerning ways of operationalising the innovation systems concept in agriculture and rural development interventions in developing countries.

25. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular and Cellular Signaling

Highly motivated and committed individuals are being sought to join a leading research group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel studying signaling for receptor-induced apoptosis and activation of transcription factors of the NF-kappa B family.

B. Upcoming deadlines

  • Research MPhil Studentship at University of Greenwich - UK 28/3/2007

  • HEC - Forté Foundation Scholarships 28/3/2007

  • LLM in Human Rights Law Scholarships (University of Ulster, Ireland - 2007-2008) 29/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities in Art and Design 30/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities in Business and Management 30/3/2007

  • Master Scholarships for Foreign Students - Politecnico di Milano, Italy 30/3/2007

  • Postgraduate Studentships in Diversity, Integration and Policy - University of Dublin 30/3/2007

  • PhD Studentship in Plant Ecology - Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany 30/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities in Built Environment 30/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities 2007/2008 30/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities in Media Studies 30/3/2007

  • Full-Fee Masters Scholarships (all subjects, UK) 30/3/2007

  • PhD Study Opportunities in Humanities at University of Ulster 30/3/2007

  • Master of Philosophy in Epidemiology 2007-2008 31/3/2007

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taiwan Scholarships 31/3/2007

  • PhD studentships in Wind Engineering 31/3/2007

  • Postgraduate Studentships in The School of Social and Political Studies at University of Edinburgh - UK 31/3/2007

  • Taiwan International Graduate Program Fellowships 31/3/2007

  • LLM Scholarship in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law - Ohio Northern University, USA 31/3/2007

  • Masters in Computational Mathematics Scholarships - University of Waterloo 31/3/2007

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taiwan Scholarships 31/3/2007

  • Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 31/3/2007

  • MPhil or PhD Research Studentship in Photonics - University College London 31/3/2007

  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme 31/3/2007

  • MSc Scholarship in Science and Technology 01/4/2007

  • PhD Position at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences 01/4/2007

  • PhD Studentship at Imperial College, London 01/4/2007

  • Netherlands Fellowship Programme 01/4/2007

  • International Masters Scholarships at The University of Edinburgh - UK 02/4/2007

  • ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships 15/4/2007

  • PhD Fellowships in Plant, Animal and Microbial Systems 20/4/2007

  • PhD Scholarships at University College Cork, Ireland 23/4/2007

  • Nottingham University Business School Scholarships 27/4/2007

  • Master/ PhD. Scholarships - 4 Becas para Master/doctorado 30/4/2007

  • Master/ PhD. Scholarships - Signal Processing for Chemical/Biochemical Analysis 30/4/2007

  • Environmental Management MBA Scholarships 30/4/2007

  • Undergraduate Scholarships at European College of Liberal Arts - Berlin, Germany 30/4/2007

  • MRes and PhD Studentships in Chemical Biology - Imperial College London 30/4/2007

  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program 1/5/2007

  • MSc and PhD Studentships in the Life Sciences at the International University Bremen - Germany 1/5/2007

  • The Duncan Norman Research Scholarship 1/5/2007

  • MA Scholarships at University of Hull 1/5/2007

  • PhD Scholarships at University of Hull (Criminology, English, Law, History, Politics & International Studies) 1/5/2007

  • Law Scholarships at Glasgow University - UK 1/5/2007

  • Scholarships in Rehabilitation and Related Research for Graduate Students with Disabilities 1/5/2007

  • Postgraduate Scholarships For Students From Developing Countries 2/5/2007

  • Business School Scholarships Competition 7/5/2007

  • Christine Bolt Scholarship 15/5/2007

  • Newcastle University International Postgraduate Scholarships 23/5/2007

  • Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards - University of Liverpool 25/5/2007

  • MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering - UK 25/5/2007

  • MSc and MRes Studentships 25/5/2007

  • Leeds University Business School MBA Scholarships 31/5/2007

  • International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Bristol, UK 31/5/2007

  • Kingston University Postgraduate Scholarships 31/5/2007

  • Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants 1/6/2007

  • Albert Dunning International Organ Competition 4/6/2007

  • The Winter Williams Studentship in Law 29/6/2007

  • Master and PhD Scholarships in Nanotechnology and Nanosensors - South Dakota State University, USA 29/6/2007

  • Davis and Lyons Bursaries in Music - City University, London 29/6/2007

  • Oxford University Law scholarships 29/6/2007

  • Kenya Undergraduate Scholarships - UK 30/6/2007

  • International Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Bristol - Taught Master's programmes only 30/6/2007

  • Wildlife Conservation Society Grants - UK 1/7/2007

  • International Office Scholarships - University of Nottingham UK 6/7/2007

  • Economics and MSc Money Banking and Finance Scholarships 31/7/2007

  • Graduate Research Assistantship in Ecosystem change in the Arctic 31/7/2007

  • PhD Studentships in Psychology, University of Birmingham in UK 31/7/2007

  • Funded PhD Studentship in Ex situ conservation of tropical frogs 15/8/2007

  • MSc in Computation Informatics Scholarships - UK 31/8/2007

  • MSc in Business Informatics Scholarships 31/8/2007

  • PhD Studentships at University of Bremen - Germany 01/10/2007

  • Postgraduate Studentships in The School of Social and Political Studies at University of Edinburgh - UK 05/10/2007

  • Guaranteed Scholarships in Finance 12/10/2007

  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowships

  • Wildlife and Ecosystem Health Conference Participation Grants

  • MSc Fellowships at UNESCO - IHE Delft

  • Ashoka-Lemelson Fellowship Program

  • Leiden University MA Scholarships - The Netherlands

  • Leiden University Scholarships

  • Masters and Doctoral Scholarships at Ritsumeikan University - Japan

  • Scholarships and Awards for International Undergraduate Students at Trent University Canada

  • Research Scholarships for Lawyers from Developing Countries and Countries in Economic Transition

  • PhD Studentship at University of Oxford

  • Postgraduate Research Studentship in Photonic Communication System Research

  • Bursaries for Undergraduate International Students studying Psychology

  • Higher Education Masters Programme in Africa Scholarships

  • UN Fellowships Programme in International Law

  • Kala Fellowship Award

  • Hauser Global Scholars LLM Scholarships

  • C. Jobs/Internships

    1. Finance and Grant Implementation Manager, GRM International

    2. Team Leader, GRM International, Lusaka, Zambia

    3. Country Director I-TECH, Gaborone, Botswana

    4. Environmental Affairs Officer, United Nations, Nairobi

    5. Civil Society Development Coordinator, IRC, Bukavu

    6. Regional Media and Communication Advisor, Plan International

    7. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, GRM International, Lusaka

    8. Development Projects Manager, ACDI/VOCA, Uganda

    9. Country Representative, Guinea, Population Services International

    10. International Consultant, UNDP, Nairobi - Kenya

    11. Program Officer,Food for the Hungry, Katanga, Congo

    12. West Africa Gender Project Manager, International Alert

    13. Project Manager, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Nairobi

    14. Finance Director, Food for the Hungry, Congo

    15. Programme Manager, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Brighton

    16. Director for Africa, Food for the Hungry, Nairobi, Kenya

    17. Health Program Manager, Food for the Hungry, Beira, Mozambique

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