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Ayden Jacob (USA) - Ayden assisting in the operating theatre - Tigoni Hospital

Ayden - Hospital Volunteer

My name is Ayden Jacob and I am a graduate student at Oxford University studying the the effects of radiation therapy in neuro- oncology.

After having completed medical internships across the United States and Israel, I was privileged to spend quality time among the people of Kenya.

I was given the opportunity to be involved with patients in a hands-on manner, which was very educational, and I surely did learn an authentic amount of medical knowledge from my time there.

There is absolutely nothing as great as volunteering in Kenya. I was touched by the warm hearts and kindness of the Kenyan people, and I was given a chance to give back to the world in a meaningful way.

Advance Africa gave me the chance to volunteer in an orphanage, teach science courses in an underdeveloped school, and work in a busy hospital.

The friends I made on this trip will surely last me a life time, and the experience has truly changed my life for the better. Any medical or premedical student looking to make a difference in the world, help out a needy neighbor, and make some great memories with awesome people on the way, should definitely join Advance Africa.

It is a memory that will forever remain engraved in your heart. In addition to this I must include that Joe Ngugi helped tremendously at making this experience successful, manageable, and educational.

Joe provided us with good meals, housing, transportation, and medical opportunities. The living conditions were suitable for any US or European student, and the ability to have a real effect on the people of Kenya is unimaginable.

Advance Africa provided me with medical exposure that can be matched by no other internship or medical elective in the world, and I highly recommend any student interested in medicine to join this program.

I was honored to lead a team of medical students in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital, where we were solely responsible to deliver several babies over the course of the month, which is a priceless opportunity for learning, growth, maturity, and medical experience.

In addition to this, Advance Africa arranged for me to do hands-on rotations in a very busy pediatric burns unit at the Tigoni District Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Furthermore, I had the valuable opportunity of opening an HIV and Malaria Clinic at Kenya's busiest hospital; no other international medical program arranged for such hands-on experiences.

In our clinic, I managed over 500 patients in a month, sampled their blood, and used microscopic techniques to detect malaria or HIV. Discovering if the challenging and demanding field of medicine is right for you is very serious in nature.

Through volunteering in Kenya, in the most underprivileged hospitals you may ever be exposed to, will definitely give you the maturity, integrity, motivation and passion you need to become a successful medical student and future physician. I highly recommend the advance africa program to all premedical students from around the world.

It was an experience that will mold you for the rest of your life, and will touch the heart of your hearts beyond you imagination.

-- Best Wishes,


Amy & Flora (Kent, UK.) - Kenya Volunteers at an Orphanage

Amy & Flora - Kenya Volunteers at an Orphanage

I was extremely thankful for all the information Joe provided to me before I arrived, I emailed most weeks with hundreds of little questions and always received a decent response promptly! It reassured me knowing that I could always send an email when I had any worries!

Joe was there when I arrived and waited for me despite me spending hours trying to find my bag! There was a clear sign with my name so he was easy to identify!

I loved working at Destined Orphanage and all the kids and Esther were lovely! It was nice just to spend time with the children talking and playing with them. Really enjoyed it all! All the workers at the orphanage (Esther and Esther) were really welcoming!

I enjoyed the visit to Kibera and giving the children presents (toys, sweets, clothes etc) and seeing their faces when they received them!

The safari was the most amazing weekend of my life!! Got picked up on time right outside the volunteer house, our Safari guide Paul was excellent. Great accommodation and food. I recommend it to everyone! You can't go to Kenya and not see Masai Mara and Nakuru!!

Joe was always around the volunteer house to answer any queries or worries. He was able to take me around. Much appreciated! I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I was so nervous before going, especially being young at age 17 and being a female travelling alone. But I had the best 5 weeks of my life!

I've only been home a week and already miss it loads!! It's an amazing experience that you won't anywhere else!! Kenya is a lovely country and everyone is very friendly!! It's also great value for money!

The very informative booklet inside my accommodation was packed with stuff to do during time off …this was a great volunteering experience! Thank you!!!

Charlie (Brunel University, UK.) - Volunteering in Kenya at a Children's Home

Charlie - Volunteering at an orphanage

My volunteer experience in Kenya provided me with the best month of my life.

Joe was great, replied speedily to all my questions no matter how silly they were or how often I sent them. The information given was exactly accurate plus described well the agenda.

At the airport, I was met by Joe on time and went straight to the house.

I absolutely loved my placement at the Village Orphanage. The children were so energetic and friendly. I loved teaching the kids some dance routines from some English chart music, they laughed so much. I fell in love with them all. I felt so sad to leave. The orphanage staffs were lovely and welcoming also.

I had a great home stay. It was like staying at home. Mercy was so friendly and helpful, the meals were delicious and I loved playing with Esther too.

Other volunteers were fun and friendly too.

Joe was always helpful and obliging, saw him frequently so never felt lost in need of anything.

Toshio (Japan) Volunteering in Kenya - Hospice

Toshio - Hospice Volunteer Kenya

I could get most of information which I wanted to know through contact with Joe many times by e-mail.

Upon arrival, someone from Advance Africa was waiting for me with my name on a cardboard at the exit and picked me up so smoothly.

This relieved my concern about arrival in Kenya for the first time. It was exactly what other volunteers have mentioned in their testimonials.

Joe had arranged it my placement quickly even though my request of placement to do acupuncture and massage at a hospice was a bit complicated and made on short notice.

Staying with Kinoti’s family was a very precious experience; a typical Kenyan rural life taking bath in basins, washing clothes by hands, cooking with firewood, eating vegetables, fruits and crops from own garden and drinking boiled milk from own cows.

Regarding meals, all kind of Kenyan meals were provided by Mrs. Kinoti and I liked all very much. Furthermore, a variety of nutritious meals were offered.

Regarding my placement, I was considered as a member of the team in the hospice by all the staff - being taken for home visits from time to time, being given opportunities to offer patients my work (acupuncture and massage therapies), assisting cooking lunch in day care services.

Every day was a different experience for me.

Working in the hospice, interacting with very ill patients and their families, sharing and knowing difficulties of hospice work with members was a memorable experience.

I was also given an opportunity to participate in a training course in palliative care for professional health providers in one of the hospices I worked at.

I gave them a presentation about a subject relating to my work and I did it using PowerPoint slide in front of other medical professionals which I had not done before.

Volunteering in Kenya has been a great experience I will never forget.

Rachel, (Kincardine, Ontario, Canada) Medical Volunteer in Tanzania

Before leaving for Africa Joe answered all questions in a very timely manner. I felt slightly un- prepared for what to expect when I arrived but I think it was mostly due to my last minute decision to come.

The airport pick up was excellent!! We arrived late as our flight was delayed but Joe was still there waiting to great us!! We didn’t have to wait at all.

The placement was fantastic. As a dental hygienist from Canada I had the opportunity to take part in/see things I wouldn’t normally get to experience at home. Mt.Meru hospital is extremely busy at all times it is fast paced environment but all the dentists that were there are ecstatic to have the extra help! I wish I had had a better idea of what to bring supply wise. I brought gloves, masks,