Volunteer Africa Blogs

Volunteering Africa: Blogs made by some of our recent volunteers in Africa.

Angela and Alex from Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) - medical volunteers - wanted to work at a medical clinic in the slums of Nairobi. They volunteered in Kibera slum. See Angela and Alex blog.

Alex and Sarah Warren from Cheshire, UK volunteered at an orphanage in Kawangware (Volunteer Kenya) and stayed at our spacious accommodation - Alex and Sarah blog.

Ethan, Suzann, Jeremy, Ashley and Chloe` from Masonboro Baptist Church - Wilmington, North Carolina, USA volunteered in Moshi Tanzania (Volunteer Tanzania). They arrived via Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, stayed over night at our accommodation and travelled by road to Moshi, Tanzania the following day. See their volunteer blog; Ethan, Suzann, Jeremy, Ashley and Chloe` blog.

Robin Stewart from East midlands, UK is one of our Platform2 volunteers working at a conservation project in Meru, Kenya. Advance Africa is charged with the development of Platform2 in Kenya. We have projects in different parts of the country where we send Platform2 volunteers and take care of all their in-country needs - Robin Stewart blog.

Stephanie Prentice from East midlands, UK - a Platform2 volunteer - Stephanie Prentice blog.

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We have exciting new projects for volunteer work in Africa! More needy orphanages, schools, hospitals, and impoverished Masai communities and other volunteer projects you can help and be involved.

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