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  • ACLS Fellowships for Africans

  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

  • Ambassadors Girls' Scholarship Program

  • American Jewish World Service - AJWS

  • AWARD Scholarships for African Women

  • Bachelor of Laws Scholarships by Distance Learning

  • Belgium Scholarships for Ugandans

  • Call for Scholarship Applications

  • Canada Scholarships for Ugandan Students

  • DAFI Scholarship Programme

  • EADB Graduate Scholarship in Development Studies

  • East Africa Scholarship Opportunity

  • Equity and Merit Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

  • Fully Funded Distance Learning Scholarships

  • Fully Funded Short Course on Law, Human Rights and HIV /AIDS

  • Helping Youth Through Educational Scholarships - HYTES

  • Higher Education Masters Programme in Africa Scholarships

  • Kulika Scholarship Programme

  • Madvani Uganda Scholarships

  • Master Scholarships in Nutrition, Human Rights and Governance

  • MSc Forestry Distance Learning Scholarships - Bangor University, UK

  • Theological Education Fund for Women Scholarships

  • Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme - UK University Scholarships

  • Uganda Scholarship - Masters Scholarships for Ugandans

  • Undergraduate Law Scholarships - Africa

  • Windle Trust International Scholarships

    Uganda Scholarships; 1000s of Uganda Scholarships. Includes: scholarships for study in Uganda, Uganda universities scholarships, & scholarships in Uganda for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Scholarships for Ugandans abroad.

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    Uganda Scholarships Questions and Answers

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    Conditions for Scholarship Application 
    What can I do to win a genuine scholarship and what are the terms and conditions that are needed. ***** Considering that we do not sponsor, I am not …

    Short Course Grants Not rated yet
    Is it possible to avail for me information about short term courses of less than six months which are fully funded? ***** Search: …

    Public Health Grants  Not rated yet
    Which are the Organisations that provide grants for Public Health? ***** See: Public Health Scholarships

    Grant Inquiries Not rated yet
    How can I get a scholarship? ***** See: How to Get a Scholarship

    Grants Eligibility Not rated yet
    I completed advanced level (A'Level)in 2008. Can I still be eligible for a bachelors degree scholarship since so much time has gone by? ***** …

    Online PhD Scholarships Not rated yet
    What are the on line PhD scholarships available for for Ugandans? ***** Look at: PhD Scholarship

    How Can I Get the Grant? Not rated yet
    How would I apply for the scholarship and the physical address of the administrator in charge? ***** Advance Africa does not offer any …

    Scholarship for Diploma in Medicine  Not rated yet
    How can I get a Grant to continue with my studies? ***** Look at: Undergraduate Scholarships

    Scholarship for Computer Science Not rated yet
    If I hold a diploma in Computer Science with second upper class, can I be offered a scholarship in bachelors Computer Science? **** …

    Can I Get a Scholarship with Pass Degree Not rated yet
    Can I get a scholarship with my pass degree? ***** See: Undergraduate Scholarships

    Uganda Scholarship Not rated yet
    I need to have scholarship in Uganda; is it possible? ***** Search: Uganda Scholarship

    Have Failed to Get a Scholarship Grant Not rated yet
    I have tried to apply for a number of scholarships and Grants but I have failed to get one for myself, though have met the requirements for the Scholarship …

    Scholarship Grant for Studying Public Health Not rated yet
    I have a bachelors degree of Public Health from Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda and would like to pursue a masters degree in Public Health. …

    Masters Grant for Medicine in Orthopaedic Surgery Not rated yet
    I am a doctor who has been admitted at Makerere University for a 4 years program of master of Medicine in Orthopaedic Surgery. I would like to have …

    Scholarship for a Masters in Development Studies Not rated yet
    Am a Ugandan pursuing a Masters in Development Studies at Uganda Christian University Mukono Uganda E.Africa. Is it possible to access a scholarship in …

    Online Masters Degree Scholarship Not rated yet
    I need to know if there are Universities that offer scholarships for Masters degrees in Information Technology or Information Security on-line. I would …

    Masters Sponsorship in Educational Planning and Management Not rated yet
    I have been admitted to Ndejje University in Kampala for a Masters in Educational Planning and Management. I am seeking for sponsorship. ***** …

    Full Masters Scholarship in Intellectual Property  Not rated yet
    Could you please notify me of any full scholarships for a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property in any European Institution starting 2015. …

    Fashion Design Scholarship Not rated yet
    I am a female and have a certificate in Fashion Design. I would like to acquire more skills from a good country but wondering whether such scholarships …

    How to Fill the Get Started Page Not rated yet
    Could you please simplify issues when you are in a position to help us fill the forms you sent to us instead of asking complicated questions. …

    Masters Scholarship in Public Administration Management Not rated yet
    I failed to apply for Masters Scholarship in Public Administration Management, reason being that whenever I try to fill the form I do not find my country …

    Qualification Need in Order to Get Scholarship Not rated yet
    I have Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Kyambogo University in Uganda. I completed with a Credit Diploma. So can I now qualify for any scholarship? …

    I Need a Public Health Scholarship Not rated yet
    I need a Public Health Scholarship. ***** Look at: Public Health Scholarships

    Full Scholarships Grants Not rated yet
    I have an acceptance letter from business school in Netherlands and I need a scholarship can you help me in this. ***** See: Scholarships …

    Click here to write your own.

    Agriculture Grants Access Not rated yet
    I would like to inquire from you what I need to in order to access your Agriculture Grants? ***** Considering that we do not sponsor, …

    Scholarship and Grants Not rated yet
    I need scholarship since have failed to raise tuition for next semester yet I want to study, please help me. ***** Look at: Scholarships …

    Full Scholarship for Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy Not rated yet
    I want to inquire when there will be invitations to applications for bachelors degree in Pharmacy for 2014/2015 academic year. **** Advance …

    Scholarship Application Assistance Not rated yet
    I am a Ugandan citizen seeking postgraduate scholarship opportunities in Environment and Natural Resources Management and Climate Change. **** …

    Can I Get Grant After Completing University? Not rated yet
    I just completed university and I don't have my transcripts yet. So, can I still apply now or I until have to wait? ***** Considering that we …

    Full Postgraduate Scholarship for Public Health Not rated yet
    I am submitting my request and inquiries to your office for consideration and guidance, if you are offering scholarships in masters of Public Health. If …

    On-line Masters Scholarship Not rated yet
    I would like you to help on searching for scholarships or Grants for On line Master's Programs. **** See: Master Scholarship

    MSc International Oil and Gas Management Scholarships Not rated yet
    Postgraduate scholarships; MSc International Oil and Gas Management Scholarships. MBA International Oil & Gas Management scholarships, grants, financial …

    Full Time Scholarships Not rated yet
    Am a law graduate, Ugandan, can I get a full time scholarship? ***** Advance Africa does not offer any form of funding. However from the information …

    Scholarship for Commercial Pilot Not rated yet
    HOW to get a scholarship for Commercial Pilot? ***** See: How to Get a Scholarship

    Masters Scholarship to Study Abroad Not rated yet
    How do I get scholarships to study masters abroad? ***** See; Master Scholarship

    Scholarships for Ugandans Not rated yet
    Uganda Scholarships; Uganda - Scholarships for Ugandans in Uganda and abroad. Scholarships for students from Uganda to study in Uganda and abroad. Uganda …

    Can I Get a Bachelor Degree Scholarship  Not rated yet
    Is it possible to obtain sponsorship for a Bachelors Degree? ***** Look at: Scholarships and Grants

    Scholarship Application On- line Not rated yet
    I have finished my high school, I want to continue from abroad for college or university, how can I apply for a scholarship on line? or were can I find …

    Online Scholarship Not rated yet
    I would like to know if I can get a scholarship for an online course for Masters in Public health? ***** Check at: Public Health Scholarships …

    Scholarship Funding. Not rated yet
    Can you help me get funding for a boy whose father is blind? He obtained three principal passes in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry and would like to …

    Can I Be Granted Scholarship Not rated yet
    I have gained admission to study a postgraduate program in the UK, but the fees involved is not an amount that I can sponsor by myself. I need financial …

    Financial Aid to School Not rated yet
    I would like to be advised on how I can access Grant Aid to pursue a Diploma in Medical field ***** Check: How to Get a Scholarship

    Grant for Masters Program Not rated yet
    It's awesome that you have a platform of this kind. My inquest is twofold; 1. I have had applied for a scholarship at a university in the Netherlands …

    Financial Assistance Not rated yet
    Due to financial constraints my performance is deteriorating because of absence from school since I get out of school to look for money to pay out my accommodation …

    Msc in Plant Breeding or Crop Sciences  Not rated yet
    I am a Ugandan and would like to get a scholarship to pursue Msc in Plant Breeding or Crop Sciences. Could you help me get a scholarship? ***** …

    Minimum CGPA Required for a Masters Scholarship Not rated yet
    What is the minimum CGPA required for a Masters scholarship in Statistics ***** Considering that we do not sponsor, I am not in a position to clearly …

    Looking for Scholarship Not rated yet
    I am a Ugandan looking for scholarship,to help me study Public Health in any college in Africa ***** See; Public Health Scholarships

    How to Access Scholarship Grants Not rated yet
    My concern is that I have applied too many courses/ job offers/ travel grants but I have never gone through any of them. I have a Uganda advanced certificate …

    How to Get a Procurement Logistics Scholarship Not rated yet
    I want to know the process of getting the full scholarship in your arrangements because I need to study. Am doing my degree in Procurement Logistics …

    Click here to write your own.

    PhD scholarship for Monitoring and Evaluation Not rated yet
    I am interested in pursuing a PhD in Monitoring and Evaluation. Which universities can I apply to? and where can I obtain the funding from? ***** …

    Scholarship for Public Health Not rated yet
    I am a continuing student of Msc in Public Health of Mukono university, I would like to get a scholarship because right now am facing financial problems. …

    Sponsorship for Degree in Agriculture  Not rated yet
    I have a diploma in Agriculture- specializing in Crop Production and Management, so can I get a sponsorship to study a degree in Agriculture? ***** …

    Scholarships In Uganda Not rated yet
    Do you offer scholarships in some of the Uganda institutions like Uganda Management Institute(UMI), Makerere University. ***** Advance Africa …

    Scholarship in Master of Business Administration (MBA) Not rated yet
    Am a first year Master of Business Administration (MBA) student at University in Uganda. One semester down the road, my personal funds seem not enough. …

    Scholarship for Peace and Conflict Studies Not rated yet
    Kindly is there any scholarship link for peace and conflict studies,secondly the scholarship for church development seems to be in German and the English …

    Master Scholarships Not rated yet
    I would like to know the kind of scholarship granted and for which courses? Check: Scholarships and Grants

    Can I get a Scholarship Not rated yet
    I am a University student who after paying the first semester, out of the three semesters, my daddy passed away and I am like saying bye bye to studies …

    Seeking Academic Advice Not rated yet
    I completed high school back in 2005. I joined one university in Uganda for a bachelors in Aquaculture and Fisheries. However I failed to complete my studies …

    inquiry Not rated yet
    I am a South Sudanese by nationality who has just finished my O-level in Kampala (Uganda) at Kings college Budo and awaiting results.I am truly interested …

    How do I Get a Scholarship? Not rated yet
    Hi I have been admitted to Makerere University in Uganda on MBA and wish to apply for a scholarship under the same. How do I achieve that? ***** Check: …

    How to Get a Scholarship  Not rated yet
    I have a degree in Mass Communications (Public Relations Major). Currently I am a practising journalist with the Country's leading daily news paper. Would …

    Can I Get Funding Not rated yet
    I am already admitted at the university in 2nd year, but I don't have enough money to cover up all that I need. so is there any way how I can get someone …

    Research Funding Not rated yet
    I am a Masters (Molecular Medical Microbiology)student of Kampala International University, Ishaka, Busheny, Uganda. I want to do my research project on …

    Sponsership Not rated yet
    I have a challenge of fees because I managed to pay 3 millions but am stuck and this explains the reason why I have taken long to finish. Could you please …

    How Can I Qualify for the Scholarship Not rated yet
    I am a Ugandan an orphan who was funded by my director of the school I have been studying. currently I have finalized my studies in Accounting Technician …

    Biblical Studies Scholarship Not rated yet
    Can I get some information on Biblical Studies Scholarships please? ***** For more information and scholarship application details, see; Theology …

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