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Loans and grants for small and big business: Provides small, short-term loans to small business. Grants for small businesses. Loans & Grants - business funding for small, medium & big business grant.
The social lending site Kiva allows lenders to give to a specific entrepreneur in a poor or developing country. Kiva has been connecting lenders with would-be entrepreneurs for over 3 years now.

Kiva started out listing just seven Ugandan entrepreneurs as applicants, and has since brokered $2.5 million in loans to thousands of businesses.

It's now possible for someone in the United States to make a small mini-loan directly to a person in need overseas.

Loans are typically up to $2000. Kiva now has a presence in almost all African countries.

Visit Kiva website:

Instead of institutions lending money to you, an individual(s) lend money to you via Kiva.

Echoing Green Grants

For bigger projects, Echoing Green makes grants to social entrepreneurs. Grants are of $60,000 to individuals and $90,000 to partnerships.

Recent Echoing Green Finalists includes individuals and projects in Kenya, Equatorial Guinea , Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Uganda.

  • Echoing Green Fellowship Program
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  • Loans and Grants for Small and Big Business

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