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Car scams, cons, tricks and fraud in Kenya. Car Selling Scams in Kenya. Kenya's Fraud Car Dealers!!!

I took my car to sell at Valley Road Motors. After about a month, it was not selling and I decide to take it to another dealer. Getting your car from there is the most difficult task.

I had been warned by the salesmen that the owner Mr Francis Ng’ang’a Mundia does not take that very kindly.

Anyway, I had to get it. After-all it is still my car.

I go and give them the necessary paperwork that I had been given when dropping off the car.

But they will not give it back. They say the owner - Mr Francis Ng’ang’a Mundia must authorize it.

I trace him within the car yard but he excuses himself and says he needs to take a customer for a test drive.

Off they go and on coming back, the same situation repeats 2 or 3 times.

Am now at the show room for more than 2 hours and am running out of patience. Am now becoming very worried at this guys condescending attitude to me and another person who has come for his car.

Eventually he agrees to talk with me but keeps insisting I sell him the car. His offer is not good at all. But after he really insists, I settle on a price I can give him for.

The car has served me very well and I figure out, it will take several more weeks or months to sell at my price. So I agree on his price.

Initially, he had agreed to pay the entire amount upfront. He then changes to pay half in cash immediately and the balance he writes a postdated cheque dated 3 weeks after. I agree to that and he promptly pays the half.

When it comes to writing the check, he quickly changes the date and says he will date it after a month.

No problem, I say, after-all it is only a week more.

The secretary notes the date and duly calls me several days before; to confirm it, so that they ensure there are funds in the account.

Come the date of presenting the check, I receive a call and all this has changed. They now want to pay in cash and I should desist from banking the check.

It has been 4 weeks now and I am still being promised that I will be called "shortly" to go and get the cash.

I just got fed up and I have decided to bank the check 2 days ago. It has now bounced.

I think am being scammed by Valley Road Motors, located at Valley Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

They have already sold the car, and there in no reason to withhold my money.

My thoughts are
with whoever bought the car. If he paid all the money upfront, it will be a while before he gets his logbook because it is still in my possession.

He is probably being equally cheated to call later or go for it another day. Unknown to him, the dealer is yet to settle my balance and so he will not get it soon.

Never pay all the money if you are not getting the logbook upfront. Be sure to retain a substantial amount otherwise you may never get the log book.

I do not trust this guy Mr Francis Nganga Mundia. I probably should have heeded the advice of a friend to take the car at some other dealerships off Kiambu road.

I will update here if I get paid soon. In the meantime, I would say avoid Valley Road Motors like plague.

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