The Seventh Voyage.

The Seventh Voyage :

"After my sixth voyage, I felt that I had enough of travel. I had decided to settle down because I was much older now. But alas!

That was not to be.

One fine morning, a royal messenger knocked at my door. He told me that the Caliph had asked for me. I went to the palace immediately.

Once there the Caliph said, "Dear Sindbad, you brought many great gifts from the wealthy King of Serendib. Now I want you to take some gifts in return to him."

I said, "Sir, I am old now. I can't take much of sea travel any more."

But the Caliph insisted that I was the only person fit for the task. .~

"You can lead a restful life on your return. Moreover, I am giving you a thousand gold coins for this voyage."

I accepted that proposal with great reluctance. So a few days later, I was on the sea with the Caliph's ship and crewmen. I carried a letter from the Caliph to the King of Serendib.

Gold clothes, silk garments, emerald-studded pots and plates, two large, finely carved royal beds and a rare tablet once possessed by King Solomon made up the list of gifts I carried for the King of Serendib.

After a peaceful trip, I anchored at the port of Serendib. I delivered the letter and the gifts to the king. He asked me to stay but I was eager to get back to Baghdad.

So he gave me a wonderful gift and bid me a tearful farewell. As my ship sailed away we were attacked by pirates. They took hold of all our precious treasures and gifts and then took all of us prisoners. They took us onto their ships and left us in a strange land where they had sold all of us as slaves.

Due to God's blessings, I had a kind and rich merchant as my master. I served him well as he treated me well.

In time he learnt that I was good at shooting with a bow and arrow. He asked me to accompany him to the forest.

There he showed me a tall tree and said, "Sindbad, go up the tree. Soon a herd of elephants will come by. You must shoot as many as you can." With these instructions, he left me in the forest.

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