The Office

1.Define the term an office

An office is a building, room or a place set aside for administrative,communication or clerical work of an organization.

2.Outline the functions of an office

  • Receiving of information in various forms such as calls, personal visits or documents such as letters
  • Recording and sorting of information received.
  • Storing of information for future reference
  • Distribution of information within and outside the organization to the various sections, departments or personnel for necessary action
  • Reproduction or making of copies of document by use of various methods,such as photocopying, duplicating and carbon copying
  • Protecting or safeguarding the organization’s property

    3.State the various reprographic techniques that can be carried out in an office

  • Carbon copying
  • Stencil duplication
  • Photocopying
  • Spirit duplicating
  • Ink duplicating

    4.Your school would wish to use photocopying as a method of making copies of exams. State the advantages and disadvantages of using this method

    Advantages of photocopying

  • It is a fast method of reprography
  • It is a simple method and require little training of the users
  • One will obtain the exact copies of the original document
  • The method is not expensive if the copies to be made are few
  • It is environmental friendly
    Disadvantages of photocopying
  • The copies that are made fade in the cause of time
  • Photocopying can be costly if the copies being made are many
  • The employees may misuse the method due to its convenience
  • Photocopying machine requires electricity which may be expensive
  • Few colours in a document may be obtained by use of this method

    5. State the types of office layout

  • Enclosed office layout
  • Open office layout
  • Landscape office layout

    6. Suggest reasons why an organization should use landscape office layout

  • It creates a relaxed atmosphere for the workers
  • It is more attractive and beautiful
  • The image of the organization/firm is enhanced
  • It promotes good working relations and co-operation among the workers
  • Equipment and office facilities may be shared among the employees
  • The flowers or plants used break the monotony of open spaces

    7. State ways in which landscape office layout can be created

  • By placing plants/flowers in an office
  • By having paintings of animals or plants on the wall
  • By placing fish aquariums in an office
  • Through shaping of office furniture in form of animals, birds and concrete shapes
  • Creating miniature physical features such as waterfalls and mountains in the office

    8. State why you will advice an office manager to use an open office layout instead of an enclosed office layout

  • In an open office layout it is easier to supervise workers than in an enclosed office
  • An open office discourages absenteeism which may be common in an enclosed office
  • It is cheaper to maintain an open office than an enclosed office
  • Equipment, facilities and machines can be shared in an open office
    which may not be possible in an enclosed office
  • Floor space is saved in an open office than in an enclosed office
  • There is enhanced attraction and framework in open office
  • It is cheaper to light an open office than an enclosed office
  • It is easy to locate employees in an open office

    9. State the advantages of enclosed office layout

  • It
    is ideal for work that is confidential in nature
  • It is more secure than an open office layout
  • The office is ideal where high level of concentration is required
  • It is prestigious for the occupant of such an office as they are recognized
  • The worker is not disrupted by noise or movement of other employees

    10. Highlight the disadvantages of an open office layout

  • There is a lot of noise and disruption from other employees
  • Contagious diseases may spread easily among the employees
  • The top ranked workers may feel belittled being placed among other workers
  • It is not very conducive for work that is confidential or secretive in nature
  • Property within the office is not very safe
  • Due to use by many people the office may not be very tidy

    11. Outline the factors that have to be taken into consideration when deciding on a type of office layout to use

  • The cost of construction and maintenance
  • The number of staff to be accommodated in the office
  • The climatic condition of the area
  • Government directive if any
  • The nature of work to be carried out in that particular office
  • The nature and rank of staff to be accommodated in that particular office
  • The floor space available for the office
  • The need to maintain a good work flow among the workers

    12. State the disadvantages of an enclosed office layout

  • It can encourage absenteeism
  • It is not easy to supervise the employees
  • It is expensive to construct and maintain
  • Facilities and office equipment cannot be shared among the workers
  • Workers can misuse office equipment such as the telephone
  • The office layout takes up more space
  • A lot of time is wasted when moving from one office to another
  • It may promote individualism as some employees are isolated from others

    13.Enumerate the factors you will advice Mr.Mwajuma to consider when buying office machines for his company

  • The effect of the machine on the workers
  • The cost of the machine or equipment
  • The suitability of the machine for the task that is intended for
  • The availability of after sales services provide by the seller
  • Presence of office staff with the skills required to operate the machine
  • One has to consider space or room to keep the machine or equipment
  • The likelihood of the machine being outdated absolute or out of date
  • One has to consider whether that machine can adopt to future changes

    14. State the best type of machine one would use to perform the following tasks:


    (a) To create postage impressions on

    Type of machine

    Franking machine


    (b) To fold documents put them in envelope and
    seal them

    Type of machine

    Composite machine


    (c) To destroy sensitive but unwanted

    Type of machine

    Paper shredder


    (d) To store large volumes of data

    Type of machine



    (e) To run 300 copies of an exam for students
    in a school

    Type of machine

    Printing machine


    (fTo make exam copie of a certain original

    Type of machine



    (g) To trim papers to the
    required sizes

    Type of machine

    Guillotine machine

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