The Office 2

(b)Personal secretary

• Receiving and filing information

• Booking appointments for the boss

• Taking and writing minutes during meetings

• He/she can maintain small amount of money for making small or petty purchases in the office

• He/she receives and makes calls for his seniors

24. Highlight trends in office management

• Use of modern computers enhances efficiency

• Introduction of customer care desks or offices to address customers concerns

• Movement toward open and landscape office plan to enhance more interaction among the workers

• Outsourcing for some task that can be done by other firms instead of employing workers to do the same e.g. having external cleaners or security

• Use of the cell phone for communication

25. E-Commerce is a recent trend in business. Outline the advantages of using this method in carrying out business activities.


• One can have a wide variety of goods and services from all over the world

• It reduces the cost of travelling to the market or in search of product

• It is fast as deals can be made within a short period of time
• A seller can advertise goods to many consumers over a wide area

• Paper work and the many document used on other trade are removed or reduced as selling and buying is on-line

• A lot of information about the market can be accessed on the internet

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