Aviation Scholarships

by Justice Mwangi

List of aviation scholarships. Flight academy scholarships - flight school scholarships for pilot training courses for international students. Full flight training scholarships. Educational scholarships and financial aid for flight training.

Aviation scholarships, grants and financial aid resources for students. List of aviation scholarships and grants for flight training school.

Q. I've been a keen reader of Advance Africa. I have tried applying to apply for some scholarships without success. Since then, I have never come across any body willing to support aviation oriented students. As for me, I've applied for a university in the U.S. How will I win a scholarship to cater for my studies and stay there? Thank you.


You will not get very many scholarships for pilot training or professional courses like CPA. The small number of aviation scholarships available are usually partial. There are other full scholarships that cater for other areas of aviation.

See; List of Aviation Scholarships - Flight School Scholarships - Flight Training Scholarships

How to Get a Fully Funded Piloting Scholarship

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Aviation Sponsorships
by: Inga

Hello. My name is Inga Dingana. I am a smart 20 year old kid in need of financial assistance as I chase the dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

If you are able to help, please email me.

Professional Pilot and Flight Crew Scholarships
by: Su-Andri Kotze

I personally know of a person how is truly amazed with aviation, and has been all her life, her father was a pilot but had no choice but to give it up.

She was inspired by him, they never had enough money to send her for the lessons, but one birthday they made a plan and sent her for one, the pilot that took her was so impressed they wanted to send her to the airforce right then, but there was some complication.

She was devastated and still is to this day, her dreams were crushed, the mere sound of the planes flying past just makes her cry.

If there is any way that you can help, please, let me know.

Flying Scholarships for Air Pilots
by: frank kufika

I want to be a pilot.

I am accepted at a South African school but it's really expensive.

Can they be any luck for me in terms of training scholarships?

Flight Attendants Scholarships
by: Hamza

Am from Tanzania, a holder of ordinary diploma in civil and irrigation engineering.

Am looking for a financial aid or sponsorship so that I can fulfill my dream to become a commercial pilot.

Thank you for your kindness.

Looking for Aviation Scholarships - US
by: Eric

I did my kcse and scored a B-. Currently am pursuing a diploma in electrical engineering.

Aviation Scholarships in USA » Aviation Scholarships in Canada » Aviation Scholarships in UK » Aviation Scholarships in Germany

Women Aviation Scholarships
by: Alice

I live, sleep and dream Aviation.

Am so passionate about Aviation, but due to financial difficulties am unable to fund myself.

I always dream to do ATPL, but am so hopeful that one day the heavens will shine on me and get the funding or scholarship, Shalom, God bless.

Women Aviation Scholarships in USA » Women Aviation Scholarships in Canada » Women Aviation Scholarships in UK » Women Aviation Scholarships in Germany

South Africa Flight Training Scholarships
by: Vanqa

My name is Kgwasi Stanley Vanqa from Bethlehem Free State.

I've been dreaming of becoming a pilot since I was 8 and I'm ready to enter any flying school in South Africa.

My family can not be able to afford the costs of Flying school and I have been searching for online scholarships, no luck.

Help me fulfill my dream! If there's any scholarship kindly contact me.

Flight Training Scholarships in Canada
by: Linus

I have been issued with LOA (Letter of Acceptance) by this flight school Harvs Air in Manitoba Province, Canada for a professional pilot course with ME-IFR.

I only have 50% of the tuition fees. I will appreciate any form of sponsorship from any organization.

Pilot Scholarships in USA » Pilot Scholarships in Canada » Pilot Scholarships in UK » Pilot Scholarships in Germany

List of Aviation Scholarships for African Students
by: Joshua

Am a born pilot and I see that in me.

I don't want it to die; although its expensive but I believe through the scholarship programme help will come.

Aviation Mechanic Scholarships
by: Judith

I am Judith from Tanzania. I have completed my High school education. I am looking for scholarship so that I can pursue my goal of being an aviation mechanic because my parents can't afford to pay the fee of this course since they are not well financially.

Please may you help me. I promise to work hard when you give me this scholarship.

Praying to get a Piloting Scholarship
by: Collins Kigen

I'm here looking for an Aviation scholarship to pursue my dream of being a Commercial Airline Pilot.

I got a B- in my KCSE, A- (Maths).. B+(English).. B plain (Georgraphy) & a C plain (Physics).

Am currently pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance at Kenyatta University.

Aviation Enthausiast
by: Muki

I name is Muki, 24 years of age and from Cameroon. I have a B.Ed in Educational Psychology and Botany but will like to fly one day.

I request scholarship to help me live my dream as a pilot and let others believe in their dreams.

Top Flight Training Scholarships - Best Pilot Training for Air Careers‎
by: Nesochi Nzekwe

Am Nesochi from Nigeria. Am seeking for a scholarship or sponsorship from individual or organization.

I just concluded a BS.c in geography at the university of Nigeria with a cgpa of 4.02.

I will be grateful if am supported to fulfill my dream of working in the aviation industry.

African Pilot Scholarships‎
by: Njue Henry Murimi

I aspire to become a pilot and through help the society, please help me be as per my dreams. I'll be thankful for your support.

Flight Dispatch Scholarship
by: Daniel Odongo

I currently work as a programmer for a software development company in my home country but my passion has always been in Dispatching.

I'm now of age to peruse the course but lack funds for it.

I have tried searching online for possible scholarships but in vain.

Any help from anyone out there would be useful. Once I get there, I will do the same for more dispatchers out there.

Pilot Training Scholarships
by: Gerald

I have always had the dream of defying gravity safely.

It is a burning desire that has remained unquenchable.

My parents don't have deep pockets to see me through my dream but I have decided not to give up on this.

As a step of faith I have been doing my research on how to become a successful pilot, reading flying magazines and visiting flying schools just to sustain my dream.

My humble request however is to get a good Samaritan who can jump start my career with a ppl.

From there I will work hard and sponsor myself to the cpl level.

I believe am a fast learner, can work under pressure and with high situation awareness hence I should be able to complete the course successfully and impact the aviation industry positively.

Pilot Training School Scholarships
by: Nelson

I am nelson a 20yrs old.

I have a dream of been a pilot since I was a kid and now I intend in fulfill that dream.

I just finished my ND program in electrical/electronic engineering

I will really grateful if am given opportunity.

Pilot Training Scholarship
by: Anonymous

Am 25 years man with 51 flying hours. I have a great passion for aviation and am a hard working person.

Am kindly looking for assistance to complete for my ppl from individuals or organisations.

Am ready to enter into a contract.

by: Muthui John Mumo

Hi,am John Mumo from Kenya.I have had a great dream to be a pilot but this never happened. I did the national exam(KCSE) in 2011 and attained a mean grade of A- as follows;PHYSICS A, MATHEMATICS A-, CHEMISTRY A-, GEOGRAPHY A-, DRAWING &DESIGN A-, KISWAHILI A-, BIOLOGY B+ and ENGLISH B(PLAIN),..I was admitted at the University of Nairobi for Bachelor of Arts.I wasn't happy and I never gave up,so I decided to apply for a scholarship. I thereby wish u will consider my situation .Am a 1.7 mitre tall guy, AM WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU, THANK YOU.

Seeking an Aviation Sponsor
by: Ronagilda

Am 21 years old. I am a Tanzanian.

My dream is to become an airline pilot.

I am looking for a person who can help me out since the fees are way beyond my family's reach.

looking forward to your prompt reply.

Student Sponsorship
by: anne njeri

I am a 22 yr old pursuing a degree in economics.

However I would love to pursue my dream career which is aviation but due to financial problems I cannot.

I had a mean grade of an A- with an A in Physics and chemistry, B+ in Biology and a B in mathematics.

Any financial assistance would be highly appreciated.

Scholarships Questions
by: Oteka Erick

Am a university student from the new nation of South Sudan.

I was admitted on government scholarship in one of the universities of South Sudan; but being in the youngest nation as such got so many challenges affecting my education in this country as mentioned below:
1)Lack of lecturers to give lecture.
2)In adequate accommodation for students
3)Tribal conflict among the students them self and within the surrounding community.
4)In adequate government support for students in terms of feeding, stocking of library, security
for students. etc

All these has led to poor education system in South Sudan especially in higher education.

Since I joined the university, we studied in first year only but due to the problems mentioned above, the university was closed down up to date and we see our future dark in this situation.

But I wish you could admit me here or connect me to a willing sponsor to support my education.

Aviation Scholarships in Tanzania
by: Allan

I work for a charter company company based in Tanzania as a flight dispatcher.

I would like to become a pilot, thus am asking for help someone to fund for my education.

Thanks a lot and I promise not to disappoint.

Asking for a Sponser
by: Pinkie

Am 26 years & would like to be a pilot as my dream career.

The fees are way beyond my family's pocket. I will be glad to get any sponsors to assist.

Flying Funds Assistance
by: John

I am a graduate with BSc in electrical and electronic engineering.

My dream is to become an airline pilot but the cost is beyond our family's pockets.

Any Scholarship to help me become a pilot will be highly appreciated.

Aviation Scholarships in Australia
by: Nassali Veronica

Am Nassali from Uganda.

I have just completed my advanced secondary level education.

I managed to get B in physics, C in chemistry, D in biology, B in maths and D2 in GP.

I will be happy if given the scholarship and become one of the first lady pilot in Bunyoro.

Helicopter Scholarships
by: Michael

My name is Michael. I am a student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology pursuing a bachelor's degree in Mechatronic Engineering.

I will be commencing my 5th and final year of study in May and will finish in December.

My dream since childhood has been to become a commercial airline pilot and I would like to start training in January.

Unfortunately my parents cannot afford to pay the fees in Kenyan flying schools therefore I am requesting for any assistance in terms of scholarships to pay for my flying school expenses till I am certified to fly commercially.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Professional Pilot and Flight Crew Scholarships in Africa
by: Imasuen osaze

Am 16 year old Nigerian whose dream is to be a commercial pilot.

I just finished my secondary school education, and will love to get sponsored for a flight school.

I had the dream since when I was a kid, and I have read a lot about flying and aircraft since I was 15!

I would be grateful if any organisation in the USA will grant my wish to study.

Pilot Scholarships in USA » Pilot Scholarships in Canada » Pilot Scholarships in UK » Pilot Scholarships in Germany

CPL scholarship
by: Kevin

I am 19 years old. I got a mean grade of B- in KCSE with averages of a B in 6 subjects except one B- and C+.

I am writing to request for a piloting scholarship.

Pilot Scholarships in Africa
by: Ann Angela

Am 18 years old, having sat for my KCSE and scored a mean grade of "A" with 83 points.

My dream career is to become a pilot but the cost is too expensive.

Am kindly requesting for any organization or anyone to sponsor me so that I can achieve my dream.

I will work very hard.

Aviation Scholarships in Africa
by: Fungai Lerato

Am an 18 year old female living in Gauteng. I am looking for a aviation scholarship in South Africa.

If you are able to help please email me,

Pilot Training Scholarships‎
by: Clinton

I am 18yrs and I have just completed high school and have scored a grade of B my K.C.S.E.

I am looking for any organization that will grant me the honor to study in South Africa.

I am bright and will not disappoint.

Pilot Training Scholarships
by: Peter

I am a 31 year old Kenyan with a bachelors degree, MBA and air traffic control license. I am looking for someone or an organization that can sponsor me for professional pilot training in the USA. This is my dream career but the cost is prohibitive. I promise i will not disappoint.

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