Wings to Fly Secondary School

Wings to Fly Secondary School

Wings to Fly Secondary School

Application Instructions

1. Only 2019 KCPE candidates are eligible to make an application for this scholarship.

2. The information provided in this form is intended to help Equity Group Foundation Community Scholarship Selection Board (CSSB) understand the applicant’s academic and financial position for the purpose of assessment for scholarship/award.

3. All fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and must be filled accordingly.

4. This application form must be filled accurately, honestly and completely.

Equity Group Foundation will reject any applications without relevant documents.

5. Please review the following documents and if required have soft/scanned copies for ease of completing the online application form:

  • KCPE Results Slip (official KNEC slip or signed & stamped paper with grades from the school).

    For early bird applications, you will be allowed to fill the application form without KCPE marks. However, these marks must be entered and result slip attached before final submission.

  • Copy of Death Certificate (if father/mother deceased).
  • Evidence of financial support (if they have received support in the past).
  • Evidence of special needs (if they have indicated special needs).
  • Copy of Pay Slip/ Bank Statement (if parents/guardians are employed/business).
  • Signed declaration by Applicant and Parent/Guardian
  • Filled application and recommendation form by Head Teacher, Provincial Adm., Religious Leader and any other.

    6. The completion and submission of this form is not a guarantee for sponsorship.

    7. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.

    8. Any false statements, omissions or forged documents will lead to automatic disqualification. 9. Please note that the application cannot be edited once it has been submitted.

    Wings to Fly Selection Criteria

    An eligible applicant for the Wings to Fly Scholarship should be academically promising and either be orphaned and/or from vulnerable backgrounds as defined below:

  • Children who have lost one or both parents and have no relative/guardian/sponsor to provide for their secondary education – evidence in form of Death Certificates/Burial Permits/letter from your Chief should be attached.
  • Children who are and/or whose parents are physically, visually, or hearing impaired and are unable to educate their children and have no relative/guardian/sponsor to provide for their secondary education
  • Children who are and/or whose parents are living with HIV/AIDS or other chronic debilitating illnesses and are unable to educate their children and have no relative/guardian/sponsor to provide for their secondary education – medical records should be sought
  • Children who come from vulnerable and marginalized groups or indigenous communities or have suffered from cultural practices e.g. early marriage, female genital mutilation or negative influences including radicalization, child labour among others.
  • Children from families affected by natural disasters such as flooding, drought, and famine or civil conflict and are unable to educate their children and have no relative or guardian or sponsor to provide for their secondary education
  • Children who have suffered neglect and/or abandonment and have no relative/guardian/sponsor to provide for their secondary education
  • Children with parents living under extreme poverty and have no relative/guardian/sponsor to provide for their secondary education.


    1. Getting started

    Access the login page using

    2. Login page

    Click on ‘Create an account’ you will be directed to a new page where you will register into the Foundation. Fill in all the fields provided.

    Click on the ‘register’ button to submit your details.

    3. Activate account

  • Once you fill the registration form and submit it, an activation code will be sent to your phone via SMS and email [if provided].

    Enter the code and click the ‘activate account’ button to activate your account.

  • Enter your phone number then enter your password and click the login button.

  • If the code has not been sent yet to your account, click ‘Activate Account’ for it to resend the activation code email and/or SMS

    4. Scholarship Application

  • Once you login successfully, you will be redirected to a new page where you will see open scholarship for application.

    Read the scholarship descrption and click ‘apply’.

  • Fill in the field provided in every step then click on the ‘save changes’ button to submit your details in every step.

  • The form is a step by step process which is divided into five (5) segments.

  • When the applicant clicks the ‘save changes’ button a review page is displayed where the details filled in the step by step process form are displayed.

    The final step is for you to click on the submit application button for review or edit any part of the form.

    Once you review and submit your application, you will be directed back to the application dashboard which displays the application status.

  • The applicant can view more details of the application by clicking on the application button.

    For more information, please contact the nearest Equity Branch or Agent.

    For more information and application details, see; Wings to Fly Secondary School

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