N-Peace Small Grants for Indonesia

N-Peace Small Grants for Indonesia

N-Peace Small Grants for Indonesia

The N-Peace Network is inviting applicants for its N-Peace Small Grants for Indonesia. In 2018, Indonesia announced preparations to enact a National Action Plan on Countering Violent Extremism (NAP/VE) through a mixture of ‘hard measures’ such as prosecutions and ‘soft measures’ to steer populations away from extremism ideologies.

The initiative permit has been given to the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) to work further on finalizing the NAP/VE as signed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, on 25 January 2019.

Drawing on the successes of Aceh’s peace agreement, in which women were instrumental in mediating for sustainable peace, this year’s call for N-Peace CSO Grants will aim to support women as mediators at a grassroots level for increased efforts in promotion of social cohesion, the prevention of violent extremism and against discriminatory norms which contribute to marginalization on the basis of ethno-religious identities and gender.

Grant Categories

Training and Capacity Building of Women Mediators

  • Organizations must be able to develop a framework that will mobilize women at a community level as mediators for greater social cohesion, against the spread of violent extremism and/or implementation re-integration and rehabilitation methodologies for returnees.
  • The proposed initiative must:
  • Articulate the tools that will be used to engage women at the local level; Identify points of tension within an outlined community and develop clear training framework for capacity training on mediation;
  • Interventions must address context specific social cohesion concerns, for example, intersectional treatment of marginalized groups, violent extremism, and financial inclusion; and
  • Have local and provincial communities as the key beneficiaries.
  • Documentation and Sharing Case Studies of Women Mediators
  • This category will support initiatives working to document and share best practices of women’s inclusion at a community level.

    Organizations must be able to illustrate research methodologies which engage entire communities on the impact of women’s participation in decision-making and conflict resolution.

    The aim of the documentation should be to illustrate how women as mediators and leaders results in social cohesion and builds resilience for sustainable peace.

    Organization must be able to demonstrate how proposals will change prevailing negative narratives of women in online spaces.

    The proposed initiative must further:

  • Identify case studies illustrating the inherent benefits of women’s leadership in development of social cohesion;
  • Develop platforms for knowledge sharing of case studies and best practices;
  • Demonstrate how case studies will strengthening women’s leadership roles; In framing the case studies, explore gender specific challenges; and
  • Have identifiable key beneficiaries.
  • Advocacy Support for Policy Recommendations for Engagement of Women as Mediators This category recognizes the need to sustained advocacy support to ensure that women’s voices are reflected in policies of governance structures.

    Organizations must be able to demonstrate framework for advocacy support will directly impact policy and legal recommendations, and contribute to the inclusion of women mediators.

  • The proposed initiative must further:
  • Clearly define policies and laws to be explored;
  • Identify potential areas of engagement with women mediators and their respective networks;
  • Demonstrate clear link between advocacy efforts and defined policies;
  • Address the Women, Peace and Security concerns within the policy, for example women’s financial inclusion, gender-based violence, and social cohesion; and
  • Have key beneficiaries of the project at both local and national levels.

    Grant Information

  • Grant request should be between USD $5,000 – USD $ 10,000.


    Duration of grant agreement: 5 months.

    Eligibility Criteria

    CSOs who demonstrate competency in the following areas are eligible to apply:

    Legal Status: logo/ status in Indonesia.

    Mandate, policies and governance: CSOs that are under a not-for-profit mandate, have a clear organizational structure and share UNDPs principles of human development, particularly the principles of equality and non-discrimination; Constituency and external support: Clear constituency and proof of partnerships with other CSOs, private sector or governments;

    Capacity for Project Management: Technical, managerial, administrative and financial capacity to implement the project.

    How to Apply

    Interested applicants must fill the nomination form, send with the proof of legal status and the CVs via email at the address given on the website.

    Apply by 30th September.

    For more information and application details, see; N-Peace Small Grants for Indonesia

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