Global Volunteer Network - Volunteer Overseas - Volunteer Orphanage

Global Volunteer Network: Advance Africa brings together a group of global volunteers to volunteer in projects all over Africa.

We provide volunteers wanting to volunteer in Africa and make a difference with a wide range of low cost volunteering opportunities.

Our volunteer abroad projects are ideal for gap years, career breaks, and independent travelers.

All the projects offer you very unique travel experiences.

Volunteer opportunities are in the following areas:

  • Teaching Program
  • Children Orphanage Program
  • Medical/Health Program
  • HIV/AIDS Program
  • Maasailand Program (Kenya)
  • Hospice Volunteer Program

    All our volunteer projects offer unique work experience with the chance to make a difference to the community within which you live.

    To volunteer in our projects it is not necessary to possess any specific skills or qualifications – just enthusiasm and a desire to ‘give back’ to the community.

    Choose any volunteer in Africa destination below and click for more details:

    Volunteer in Africa: Ghana » Volunteer Africa: Kenya Volunteer » Volunteering Africa: Ethiopia » Volunteer Overseas in Malawi » Volunteer Abroad in Senegal » Volunteer Work Abroad in Sudan » Volunteer Africa: Tanzania Volunteer » Africa Volunteering: Uganda Volunteer Programs » Africa Volunteer: Zambia

    Global Volunteer Network - Volunteer Overseas - Volunteer Orphanage