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Due to ongoing security concerns in South Sudan, no applications for volunteering in South Sudan are being accepted at this time!

Advance Africa Volunteer in South Sudan opportunities are available in the areas of school teaching, vocational education, orphanages, refugee centres, and health care (hospitals, clinics, health education).

A brutal civil war between the north and south of Sudan destroyed the infrastructure of the country.

A humanitarian crisis still exists as hundreds of thousands of people return home to areas devastated by war.

The war lasted for 22 years and ended in January 2005. The country now needs rebuilding.

A volunteer position in Sudan may lead you to contact and a contract for long-term paid work with the International Non governmental Organisations (INGO's) working in the areas where we send volunteers.

You will be able to develop relationships and build vital contacts.

Location of Volunteer Projects in Sudan

Our volunteer jobs in Sudan are located in Juba and Aweil State in Southern Sudan. Aweil State borders the predominantly Muslim and Arab Northern Sudan, including Darfur. Darfur is the scene of the current military conflict and genocide.

Aweil and Juba are inhabited by black African Christians and traditionalists. The areas were severely affected by Sudanese government-sponsored slave raiding during the North-South Civil War.

Aweil State still experiences massive influx of displaced people fleeing the widespread violence in Darfur and Kordofan regions.

Typical Volunteer Jobs in Sudan

Skills are desperately needed in southern Sudan. Volunteers help teach English at schools, colleges and Universities. This helps improve the standard of written and spoken English amongst the Sudanese people.

Volunteers will have contact and opportunities to work with orphaned/displaced children, refugees and families from Darfur.

Other volunteer work in Sudan includes:

  • Helping in rebuilding schools, shelters, and orphanages
  • Helping in distribution of relief food, and aid in Sudan
  • Helping in collecting and distributing clothes to poor and displaced families
  • Teaching and planning activities for displaced and orphaned children
  • Volunteer work with children
  • Volunteering at local clinics and hospitals
  • Health, reproductive health, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS education
  • Conflict resolution and peace building

    Volunteer work in Sudan is vital in eradicating extreme poverty, distribution of Sudan aid as well as bridging peace and development initiatives. Volunteers play a vital role in development in Sudan.

    Sudan human rights situation is desperate. Volunteers can help enhance development of human rights and education in Sudan

    Volunteer in Sudan Program Requirements

    Volunteers in Sudan need to be flexible and patient. Distances are long over dusty or inhospitable terrain. Sudan volunteers need to be able to walk long distances and tolerate heat. Volunteers also need to be at least 18 years of age.

    Also note that food, accommodation and basic supplies are expensive in Sudan.

    Sudan Volunteer Vacancies are open to:

    We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations).

    Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round.

    Volunteer in Sudan Program Costs

    Sudan Volunteer Project Fees in USD:

  • Cost for 2 weeks $1000.00
  • Cost for 3 weeks $1500.00
  • Cost for 1 month $2000.00
  • Cost for 6 weeks $3000.00
  • Cost for 2 months $4000.00
  • Cost for 10 weeks $5000.00
  • Cost for 3 months $6000.00
  • Cost for 4 months $7000.00
  • Cost for 5 months $8000.00
  • Cost for 6 months $9000.00

    The costs you need to meet are:

    Your flight to and from the country, visa fees, work permits, vaccinations, and travel insurance, and airport taxes. You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like bottled water, personal costs, public transport, beverages and entertainment.

    Sudan Volunteer Accommodation and Meals

    You will have a fantastic opportunity of living with a local family close to your volunteer project.

    This will provide you with an excellent opportunity to integrate and experience a cultural immersion within a Sudanese family. The family will be on hand to help you and also show you around the local area.

    No applications are being accepted at this time for volunteering in South Sudan

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