Commonwealth Professional Fellowships for Mid Career Professionals

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships for Mid Career Professionals

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships for Mid Career Professionals

Applications are now open for Commonwealth Professional Fellowships to enhance knowledge and skills in their given sector, and to have catalytic effects on their workplaces.

Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Commonwealth Professional Fellowships provide talented and motivated professionals with the opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in their given sector.

Thematic Areas

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships are offered under one of the CSC’s six themes:

Science and technology for development

The fellowship, which may be in any area of science or technology (including, for example, agriculture, veterinary science, or forestry), will develop knowledge and/or skills that are directly related to the specific needs of a low or middle income country. Where possible, applications should cite expressed national or local priorities.

Strengthening health systems and capacity

The fellowship will develop knowledge and/or skills that will improve health provision or outcomes for disadvantaged groups in low and middle income countries.

A range of approaches could be adopted, such as training staff to fill critical shortage areas; establishing better systems, processes, or management; health promotion and improving understanding of non-take up; or developing new treatments.

Promoting global prosperity

The fellowship will support economic prosperity in low and middle income countries.

The knowledge and/or skills gained could lead to, for example, enhanced trade capacity; improved economic understanding or decision-making by business or government; new products and services; or long-term capacity building, through the development of entrepreneurial skills, for instance.

Strengthening global peace, security and governance

The fellowship will develop knowledge and/or skills that will strengthen peace and security at national, regional, or international levels.

Multiple approaches could be used, such as strengthening open and transparent governance; improving mutual understanding within and between societies; or building systems that reduce the potential for conflict or encourage its resolution.

Strengthening resilience and response to crises

The fellowship will develop knowledge and/or skills which will help low and middle countries adapt to changing contexts, withstand sudden shocks, or increase capacity to preserve the continuity of operations following such events.

This could apply to a broad range of threats, including natural and physical disasters; long-term threats such as climate change; interruptions to the supply of key resources; or sudden economic or technological disruption.

Access, inclusion and opportunity

The fellowship will develop knowledge and/or skills that will promote opportunity among historically disadvantaged groups in low and middle income countries.

This could be through, for example, expanding educational opportunities; conducting community outreach; enhancing access to decision making; or increasing understanding of the barriers faced.

A range of disadvantage can be addressed – including social, economic, gender, ethnic, regional, or political – provided that the need is clearly stated.

Eligibility Criteria

Organisations from any sector can apply to host two or more Commonwealth Professional Fellows within their own organisation.

  • To apply for these fellowships, prospective Host organisations must:
  • Be based in the UK;
  • Be a publicly funded organisation (including public bodies, universities, Research Institutions, local government departments and NHS Trusts) or a Charity (registered with the Charities Commission);
  • Be able to demonstrate the capacity to set up and manage the fellowships on a day-to-day basis including being able to demonstrate that they have cash funds of at least £30,000 available and that the previous year’s income was greater than £50,000;
  • Have set up a programme of activities for the fellowship between six weeks and three months;
  • Have identified between two and five Fellows who they wish to nominate, through existing networks or wider advertising (the CSC will not accept applications for programmes set up by
  • Host organisations at the request of an individual wishing to undertake a Fellowship); Agree to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the CSC which includes obligations to have anti-fraud and safeguarding policies in place and for the CSC to be given permission to audit funds dispersed for the purposes of the programme;
  • Only apply for fellowships starting between the prescribed dates as stated on the CSC website.

    Programme dates must be the same for all Fellows .

  • To be eligible for these fellowships, prospective Fellows must:
  • Be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country, or be a British Protected Person;
  • Be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country;
  • Have at least five years’ full-time, or equivalent part-time, relevant work experience, in a profession related to the subject of the Fellowships programme, by the proposed start of the fellowship –voluntary work experience will not be counted towards this minimum;
  • Be in employment at the time of application that they will return to upon completion of the fellowship;
  • Not have undertaken a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship within the last five years (at the time of application);
  • Not be seeking to undertake an academic programme of research or study in the UK.

    Academics are eligible to apply for the scheme, but only to undertake programmes of academic management, not research or courses relevant to their research subject;

  • Be available to start their fellowship within prescribed dates as stated on the CSC website.

    Selection Criteria

    Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria:

  • The extent to which the proposed fellowship will ensure the transfer of skills relevant to the needs of the Fellow’s home country;
  • The extent to which those skills will lead to practical benefits for the home country following the fellowship
  • The extent to which the fellowship will have a catalytic effect, either within the home country concerned, or in establishing new relationships with the UK

    How to Apply

    Applicants can apply online through the given website.

    For more information and application details, see; Commonwealth Professional Fellowships for Mid Career Professionals

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