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Dear, Undergrad/Postgrad Scholarships for Study at Home/Abroad #001.
August 23, 2006
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Serving Africans around the world.

August 2006, ISSUE #001.

Dear, welcome to this first issue of the newsletter.

My goal is to help make your life a little easier as you search for a scholarship or funding. Over time I hope proves to be a valuable resource for you.

The website has thousands of scholarships and grants for which Africans are eligible.

The newsletter will regularly alert you of new scholarships, writing and poetry contests, grants and upcoming deadlines all available to Africans and other international students.

Todayís issue includes scholarships for undergraduate students, Theology scholarships, special education scholarships and scholarships available to Muslim students in Africa.

Please study the opportunities and forward them to anyone who could be eligible for them. Click on the links for further details about each scholarship/grant. Thanks for your support.

A. Scholarships & Grants

1. Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships - Both Undergraduate/Graduate (Study at home or abroad)

Scholarships of up to $12,000 are given for undergraduate or graduate study. About 120 scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students around the world every year. Click here for details.

2. Film and Fiction Scholarships - Masters (Worldwide)

The IHS Film & Fiction Scholarships of up to $10,000 in tuition and stipend are awarded to support students who will be pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in film making, fiction writing, or playwriting full-time. Click here for details.

3. Masters in Special Education Needs Scholarships (Europe)

The Erasmus Mundus Masters in Special Education Needs Scholarships are for study in UK, Czech Republic and Netherlands. Scholarship winners get over 21, 000 Euros for their studies and maintenance. Click here for details.

4. World Council of Churches Scholarships (Tenable in your country or abroad)

The World Council of Churches Scholarships Programme is open to all women and men, lay and ordained, who are recommended by a WCC member church or related church organization. Although the study programme may be undertaken in any foreign country, priority is given to opportunities in developing countries. Click here for details.

5. Hayek Fund for Scholars (Tenable at home or Abroad)

International students are eligible for funding from the Hayek Fund for Scholars. Students of any university may apply for this fund. The fund makes strategic awards of up to $1,000 to graduate students and untenured faculty members for career-enhancing activities. Click here for details.

6. Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme - Undergraduates only (Tenable at home or Abroad)

The programme enables academically meritorious and financially needy students to pursue an undergraduate or first-degree study in university and to train them in specified fields in order to improve their social and economic conditions. Click here for details.

7. Roothbert Fund scholarships - Undergraduate & Postgraduate (USA only)

The Roothbert Fund scholarships Program makes grants for undergraduate or graduate study at accredited colleges or universities. Scholarships may only be applied to study at an accredited institution based in the United States. Click here for details.

8. Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust - Undergraduate & Postgraduate (USA only)

The Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust awards ten (10) fellowships, $16,000 for graduate students or $8,000 for undergraduate students every year. Click here for details.

9. Doctoral Scholarships in Economics (Germany)

12 scholarships for doctoral students (duration of 2+1 years) with a background in economics and business administration. Click here for details.

10. African Graduate Fellowship - Masters only (Egypt)

The African Graduate Fellowship is a competitive fellowship program for bright, highly motivated African students interested in pursuing a masterís degree at American University in Cairo (AUC). Click here for details.

11. Graduate Women In Science Grants and Fellowships (USA or Elsewhere)

To be eligible for Graduate Women In Science Grants and Fellowships, the applicant must be enrolled as a graduate student, or engaged in post-doctoral or early-stage academic research, and demonstrate financial need for continuation or completion of their research. Click here for details.

12. Sheikh Kamal Adham Fellowship (Egypt)

The Sheikh Kamal Adham fellowship is awarded annually by the American University in Cairo, to one qualified graduate student who is a candidate for the Graduate Diploma in Electronic Journalism in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department. Click here for details.

13. International Graduate Student Fellowship Program

The International Graduate Student Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for non U.S. citizens to study a diversified curriculum in biodiversity, conservation, systematics, and public policy. Click here for details.

14. Charlotte Conservation Fellowships - Masters & PhD (Tenable at home or Abroad)

The International Graduate Student Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for non U.S. citizens to study a diversified curriculum in biodiversity, conservation, systematics, and public policy. Click here for details.

15. Catherine B Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

Both U.S. and international candidates are accepted for the Catherine B Reynolds Foundation Fellowship. The scholarship is granted for a masters level studies. Click here for details.

16. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program (USA only)

US citizenship is not required, though candidates must have attended and be nominated by an accredited undergraduate institution in the US. Click here for details.

B. Upcoming deadlines

1. Norwegian Federation of University Women, Ellen Gleditschís Stipendiefond

Closing date 01/09/2006

2. Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships - USA

Closing date 01/09/2006

4. IDRC Internship Award; (Tenable at home or Abroad)

Closing date 12/09/2006

5. Constance McCullough Award

Closing date 01/10/2006

6. Master in Insurance and Risk Management - Italy

Closing date 30/10/2006

7. Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship - (Tenable at home or Abroad)

Closing date 01/10/2006

The website has a number of PhD scholarships and job opportunities posted in the last one week.

, that is it for now, I hope some of these positions will be of interest to you.

Kind regards,

Joe Ngugi.

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