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Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme: The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme provides education opportunities for the academically meritorious and financially needy young Muslim students from non-IDB member countries.

The programme enables them to pursue an undergraduate or first-degree study in university and to train them in specified fields in order to improve their social and economic conditions.

It also helps them preserve their cultural and religious identities and make a meaningful contribution to the development of their communities and countries.

At present, the Scholarship Programme focuses on Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture and other related fields such as Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Nutrition Study, Computer Science, Forestry and Fishery.

Additional areas of study include Administration, Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking and Accountancy.

The IDB Scholarship is tenable at any recognized government or private universities in the students' own countries but if not possible, the students may be sent to IDB member countries which participate in the Programme.

It is a scholarship programme and a development programme at the same time, since the scholarship is given as an interest-free loan (Qard Hasan) to the students and as a grant to the Muslim communities to which they belong.

Under the Programme, the students are required to repay the loan after graduation and gainful employment, in easy installments, to a Waqf (Trust) fund set up by the IDB in each non-member country benefiting from the Programme.

For more details and application, visit; Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme

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