15 online services and applications

There are thousands of services and applications available on the Internet today and finding the best ones to fit your needs can be difficult.

Below we have provided our top 15 list of services and applications on the Internet.

Google services

Google has a wealth of free online services and applications that everyone should use. Below is a listing of some of our favorites.

Google Docs - Fantastic collection of free services including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation service, online forms, drawings, and more. Each of these services can also be viewed and edited between multiple users.

Google Calendar - One of the best if not the best online calendars available to create appointments and even share events between other users.

Google Translate - Another fantastic free service by Google that allows you to translate any text, website, or document into another language with support of over 50 different languages.

Gmail - By far one of the best online free e-mail services with an almost endless list of features and probably the best e-mail spam filter.

Google maps - Excellent maps service that not offers updated maps, directions, satellite views, and even street views of much of the world.

YouTube - The premier location to share and view online videos.


RescueTime is an excellent service that can help keep you focused while on the computer and track how much time you spend on each task.

This service keeps you focused while on the computer by only allowing you to perform productive tasks and can prevent you from accessing unproductive programs and websites.

RescueTime also offers a wealth of graphs and data to see where you spend your time and can even keep track of how much time you spend on each web page you visit.

pend on each web page you visit.

Download RescueTime for Windows, Linux, or Mac.


An excellent add-on that can be added to any major Internet browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome that alerts you to any Internet page you are visiting that is not safe.

This service works by allowing any user to create a comment and rating on any website, which WOT uses to alert a user if the site is not safe.

WOT protects you from any web page with malware, reported scam sites, sites that invade privacy, or conducts other fraudulent activities.


Another great tool that allows you to share and sync any file between your PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile device.

Not only is this a great tool for sharing your files but it is also a great tool

for backing up your data online.


Fantastic service that checks for misspellings, commonly confused words, plagiarism, grammar errors, punctuation, and will even suggest alternative synonyms.

A Microsoft Office add-in can also be installed to check any document you're working on within Office.

Finally, with each suggested correction an explanation about the problem, examples, and the ability to ask the community is made available.


The most recognized and used service for exploring, sharing, and storing photos online.

Thousands of pictures are uploaded to this website every minute, making it a fantastic place for inspiration for any photographer and a great place to store, show, and print your images.


Another great online service and tool that allows anyone to make phone calls and video calls between other Skype users over the Internet.


From Autodesk, Pixlr is a fantastic online image editor, effects editor, image markup, and color editor that can all be done through your Internet browser.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has been generated using millions of different contributors around the world.

It contains over 3.5 million different English articles on almost every topic imaginable and millions of other topics in dozens of other languages.


The number one used service for taking and sending payments with or without using a credit card.

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