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Volunteer Nursing in Africa: Advance Africa nursing volunteer placements are available in Kenya and other African countries.

Nurse Volunteer in Africa

We will work with you to find a nursing volunteer placement that suits your level of experience.

We have volunteering placements in nursing to suit people of all levels of qualification and experience.

Volunteering on a medical project in Africa is very helpful in preparation for a career in nursing and midwifery, general medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy.

Nursing students gain outstanding medical experience in the local clinics or hospitals.

Volunteering in nursing is also suitable for qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

Nurses, midwifes, medical assistants, medical students, nursing students and nutritionists are all welcome to apply.

Volunteer Nursing in Africa

As a nurse volunteer, you will be able to make a meaningful difference in the life of African child and help health care professionals in Africa.

Volunteer nurses and other medical volunteers work with local doctors and medical staff to assist with the daily medical routine - applying dressings, prescribing medication, recording patient history, patient consultations, minor surgeries, and counselling patients.

The hospitals and clinics are often very busy. Other areas that involve nursing volunteer work include:

  • Maternity Wards
  • Laboratories
  • HIV/AIDS Support Groups
  • Community Outreach

    Laurentian University student on Midwifery Clinical Placement - Tanzania

    Student nurse volunteers learn a lot about tropical and infectious diseases in the volunteer nursing and medical placements.

    Although the nursing volunteers will benefit enormously from their experience in Africa, our main aim in providing the voluntary nursing positions is to provide consistent and effective assistance to the communities we work in.

    Africa Volunteer Nursing - Typical Duties

    Typical duties for volunteer nurses include: recording patients’ medical information, monitoring and taking vitals (blood pressure, temperature, saturation etc.), recording and reporting symptoms, taking blood samples, blood cultures, IV placements, administering drugs, intravenous infusions and injections, dressing wounds, help and perform deliveries, assist doctors during different procedures, ward rounds, educate patients in health matters and give various information.

    You will be very hands on in this nursing volunteer experience.

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