Product Promotion 2

ii. Advertising

This is the presentation of information about a product through public media such as newspapers, radios, billboards, etc

Types of Advertising

Product advertising: - this is a form of advertisement meant to promote a given product or a particular brand of product.

Institutional advertising: - this is a form of advertisement meant to improve the image of the institution or organization and not a particular
product. It is meant to create confidence in the customers about the institution.

Primary demand advertising:

- a form of advertisement meant to a new
product that has been introduced in the market for the first time.

It is mainly to create awareness of the existence of that particular product.

Celebrity advertising:

- a form of advertisement where a famous/popular
person is used to promote a particular product.

It is meant to convince those who identify themselves with that personality to buy the product.

Informative advertising:

- a form of advertisement meant to give the
customer more information about the product to enable them make an informed decision.

Competitive/persuasive advertising:

- a form of advertisement carried
out with organizations producing similar product to persuade the customers to buy their products ahead of their competitors

Corrective advertising:

- a form of advertising meant to correct a
misleading information that may have been given out about the product.

Reminder advertising:

- a form of advertising meant to remind the
customers that the product still exists in the market and is still capable of satisfying their needs.

Advantages/Importance of advertising to the business.

i. It maintain the sales of an already existing product

ii. It create awareness in the customers about a new product in the market

iii. It informs the customers about the changes that may have been made in the product.

iv. It helps in building image or reputation of the selling organization.

v. It may increase the volume of the existing sales of a product.

vi. It reaches peoples who may have not been reached by the sales person.

vii. It complements the effort of the sales person to enable them achieve their sales objectives.

viii. It clears the customers misconception and prejudice about the product.

ix. It opens up new markets for the products.

Disadvantages of advertising to the business

  • It may be costly to the business in terms of money and other resources
  • It leads to increase in cost of production if at all it has to be done frequently
  • Poorly planned advertisement may negatively affect the business
  • Misleading advertisement may reduce the level of business operation.

    Advantages of advertising to the customer

  • They educate them on the usage of the product
  • They inform them on the products availability
  • They guide them on where to get the product
  • The outlines all the features about the product including prices to the customer
  • Competitive advertisement may lead to improved quality of goods to benefit the customer.

  • Information on different prices through competitive advertisement makes the customer to benefit from the reduced prices.

    Disadvantages of advertising to the consumer

  • The advertisement may not disclose the side effect of the product
  • The advertising cost may be passed to the consumers through increased price
  • Some advertisement may persuade customers to buy what they do not require leading to impulse buying
  • Some customers may buy substandard goods due to misleading advertisement.

    Advertising media

    These are channels or agents through which an advertisement message is conveyed to the target group.

    They includes both the print and electronic
    media which includes; newspapers, journals, magazines, posters, bill-boards, brochures’, radio, television, neon signs, etc.

    a) Newspaper

    These are daily or regularly publications which contains advertisement.

    They includes, Daily nation, Standard, Taifa Leo, citizen, star, etc.

    Advantages of newspaper

    • The can reach areas that other means may not reach

    • Many people can afford them as they are relatively cheap

    • They cover a wider geographical area, leading to a wider market

    • The message on the news paper can last for a longer period
    of time, making it to reach more customers

    • The advertisement appearing in the newspaper is readily acceptable by the reader

    • Colored print makes the advertisement to be more attractive to the reader who in turn gets the information

    Disadvantages of the newspaper

    • Many of them are written in English or Kiswahili, making them to only target those who can read and understand the language

    • It discriminate against the illiterate group who cannot read the information

    • They have short lifespan as they may be read only on the day it is circulated

    • It cannot be used to focus on a specific target as they are read by almost everybody

    • Some of the prospective customers are always in a hurry to read the newspaper and may not pay attention to the advertisement

    b) Magazines and Journals

    These are periodic publications meant to target a particular class or group of people.

    They may be published monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

    The information reaches the targeted group as they read them.

    Advantages of magazines and Journals

    • The specific information for the targeted people can be published

    • They can be read and re-read before the next publication may the information to last longer and plead with the prospective customer.

    • Their publication is of high quality and colourful, making them to draw the attention of their targeted group easier and passing the information to them.

    • The quality material they are made of makes them to last longer and can be accessed even by those who may have not been around during their

    Disadvantages of magazines and journals

    • If the time gap between the publication time and circulation time is wide, the advertisement may fail.

    • They are a bit expensive which makes some of the potential customers not to afford them.

    • The cost of advertising on them may be expensive for the organization.

    • Their circulations may be limited to a small geographical region.

    • The publications may not be available in the vernacular language to reach those who are not able to read either English or Kiswahili.

    c) Posters and Billboards

    A form of advertising that may contain the information about the product either in words, pictures or both for the customer to see and read.

    Advantages of posters and billboards

    • They are able to convey the information to the large audience, as they are placed in strategic position.

    • Posters are cheap and easy to prepare

    • The use of different colors makes them to be more attractive and appealing to more audience.

    • It can be used by both literate and illiterate group

    • The message may last for a longer period of time

    • Billboards are conspicuous and hence attractive to the audience

    Disadvantages of posters and billboards

    • May be affected by adverse weather condition, especially rain.

    • If not placed strategically, it may not reach the targeted group.

    • Incase destroyed by the passersby, the information may not meet the targeted group.

    • Bill boards are expensive to make and maintain.

    d) Transit/transport advertising

    A form of advertisement whereby vehicles such as trailers, matatus, buses, etc are used to carry and convey the advertisement message.

    Advantages of transit advertisement

    • The message reaches most of the people in the environment.

    • They message last long as the paints always last on the vehicle.

    • Transit vehicles may carry the message a long way to their final destination.

    • It is captivating to the members of the public especially the promotion convoy, hence can easily reach the target.

    Disadvantages of transit advertisement

    • During the rush hour, the crowd may hinder some from getting the information.

    • It mainly relay the information to those served by the vehicles.

    • The noise produced by the promotion convoy may be a nuisance to some members of the public.

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