PLE Results - 63,400 Score First Grade

More students passed in the first and second divisions in the Primary Leaving Examinations released yesterday, marking an improvement from those registered in 2015.

Of the 622,299 students who sat for the exams in 2016, 63,400 passed in the first grade while 215,787 passed in the second grade.

In 2015, 600,868 sat for PLE. Out of these 51,427 passed with a first grade while 234,537 passed in the second grade.

However, more students (146,860) passed in the second grade in 2015 compared to 129,252 students in the same grade in 2016.

More students (96,650) passed in the fourth grade in 2016 compared to 85,071 with the same grade in 2015.

Fewer students (81,210) failed (were ungraded) in yesterday’s results compared to (82,973) in 2015 despite the number the number of students who sat for the examinations last year increasing.

Despite the number of candidates under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) programme, more than tripling those in non-UPE schools, students in non-UPE schools got more first grade (38,413) than their counterparts in UPE(24,986).

UPE students were, however, more in both second, third and fourth grades although cumulatively, they still performed poorly.

Uneb executive secretary, Daniel Odongo attributed the good performance of non-UPE schools to among others, their location in urban centers.

A Primary Seven candidate is deemed to have passed the exams if they score between aggregate 4 and aggregate 28.

Candidates in that bracket pass in divisions one to four and “qualify to register for any post primary examination conducted by UNEB”.

In 2016, 541,089 candidates passed PLE making up 87 per cent compared to 517,889 (86.2%) in 2016. Results of 1,886 candidates were withheld by Uneb pending completion of investigations.

Boys outperform girls

Just as was the case in 2015, boys have again outperformed girls in the just released 2016 Primary Living Examinations (PLE) results.

In the PLE results released yesterday, a total of 37,265 boys representing 6.0 per cent passed in Division One, compared to a total of 26,135 girls representing 4.2 percent, who passed in Division One.

Also, 129,649 boys representing 20.8 per cent passed in Divison Two, compared to 122,138 girls representing 19.7 per
cent who passed in the same division.

The number of boys who passed in Division Three were 59,320 representing 9.5 per cent, compared to 129,252 girls representing 20.7 per cent, who passed in the same division.

In Division Four, 43,813 were boys, representing 7.0 per cent, compared to the 52,837 girls representing 8.5 per cent who passed in Division four.

In Summary

Of the 622,299 students who sat for the exams in 2016, 63,400 passed in the first grade while 215,787 passed in the second grade.

Daily Monitor - Friday, January 13, 2017

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