Language and Style in Betrayal in the city - Foreshadow

A foreshadow is a premonition that something is going to happen. Authors use words, signs or events to prepare readers for something that is just to occur.

Doga foreshadows Mulili’s death when he says ‘Empty words will be your downfall.

May you die the way Adika did’ (pg 10) His words come to pass when Jusper shoots Mulili.

After his parents are murdered in exchange for his release, Jusper says, “I will get my revenge someday, even if it means going alone” (pg 33) His words are fulfilled when he shoots Mulili dead.

While reacting to Tumbo’s insistence that she must personally see Boss to secure her brother’s release , Regina says, “I have this funny feeling that something will go wrong’ (pg 45) Her fears are justified when later on Boss forcefully tries to get her and she is only able to escape by jumping out of a ten foot high window.

Mulili foreshadows the arrest and imprisonment of Jere when he threatens him; “Hey you… shall pay for it” (pg 15)

Boss foreshadows his near death when he says, just before the rehearsal; ‘In four out of five cases I had to die for little, mistakes that were not my own…..”(pg 66)

The reappearance od Doga and Nina at the end of theplay after the killing of Mulili foreshadows the change in Kafira, their reappearance at the graveside which now is for Mulili shows that the social order of injustice and misrule exemplified by poor advisors like Mulili has been done away with and now they expect a new Kafira with better leadership and justice.

  • Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

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