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Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service or KUCCPS is the body responsible for placing Kenyan students in universities for the government sponsored programmes once the KCSE results are out.

KUCCPS students portal offers different services to students.

These includes revision of courses, application and registration, student login, KUCCPS application, results, admission list and inquiry as well as inter university transfer.

KUCCPS Registration

  • To make use of the KUCCPS portal, you first need to be logged in.

  • This means that you use the tab at the top most part of the website labelled login.

  • Once you click on it, type in your KCSE number. Type your exam year next then type your password.

  • Your initial password should be your birth certificate number or your KCPE index number.

    KUCCPS Applications

    For you to apply for KUCCPS courses;

  • Choose the KUCCPS student portal page and login. This is done by submitting your credentials on the login page.

    These will be your index number, year of registration, index number and password.

  • Once you log in you will be able to see all the courses under head titled programs on the menu section.

  • Compare clusters and points that you will indicate the courses you can take by how much you have scored.

  • Next input the 7 digit code for the course you desire to study.

  • Once this is done, click application or revision as your option.

  • Follow the prompts step by step after this to complete your application.

  • Once the placement of students that have attained the set cut off points for degree placement in public universities for that particular year is done, an aggregate grade is given.

    This then allows for students that did not make it to this point to apply for the diploma and certificate courses.

    In case you did not make it to a degree program then you can revise and choose an appropriate diploma course you want.

    Take note of the fact that you need to pay some money when applying for the first time or when applying for a revision.

    First time applicants who had not applied in school will pay Ksh. 1500 and Ksh. 1000 for revisions.

    To make payment, follow the following procedure:

  • Go to the M-PESA menu on your phone.
  • Choose the Pay Bill option.
  • Key in the Business no. which is 820201
  • Enter your 4 digits exam year which is then followed by the 11 digits
    index number as the account number. e.g. 2018123456789
  • Put in the amount. Kshs 1000 - (revision fees and Kshs 1,500 -first time applicants)
  • Key in your M-PESA PIN
  • Complete by sending.

    KUCCPS downloads

    KUCCPS has a number of download options. Some of the resources to access include the principal’s manual.

    This is the guide that helps principals of schools apply for universities on behalf of their students.

    The online portal is available for all school principals to apply for their students.

    The other resources available for download include:

  • Degree requirements and programs
  • Degree programs cut offs and codes
  • Diploma programs codes
  • Craft/Artisan programs codes
  • Degree cluster points
  • Counties, districts and postal codes
  • Diploma requirements and programs
  • Certificate requirements and programs

    KUCCPS Contacts

  • ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong' Avenue, Upperhill Nairobi
  • Telephone : 020 5137400, 0723954927, 0734879662
  • Email : info@kuccps.ac.ke
  • P.O. Box 105166 – 00101, Nairobi.

    The KUCCPS portal is an excellent avenue for all students looking to join universities in Kenya for government sponsored programs.

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    When with the students who did their second revision get communication if they have been placed
    by: Tom

    When with the students who did their second revision get communication whether they have been placed or not?

    by: Phillip

    I am really surprised by the outcome of things after the first placement. I had tired myself to fill all the slots from degree programs, to diploma programs, to certificate programs and artisan programs; yet surprisingly I missed out on all!!

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