Doga - Betrayal in the City Characterization and Role

Doga is Nina’s husband and father to Jusper and the later Adika.


Doga believes that the individual responsible for the death of their son Adika lives among them. His suspicion is raised by evidence on Adika’s grave. (pg 1)


He tells his wife to calm down when she acts nervous about the violation of their late son’s grave and says, ’What sort of a mother are you?

He also disagrees with his wife about informing the sub-chief about the crack on the grave. He can’t imagine informing the sub-chief because it is his brother who killed his son.

He would rather cheat the ancestors than follow protocol of a wicked government.

He also curse Mulili when he proves adamant about allowing them to carry on with the shaving ceremony. He tells him, ‘May you die the way Adika did.’ (pg 10)


He believes that Jusper is Okay where he is. ‘Jusper is alright where he is. ‘(pg 2)


He is able to identify Jere as Kaleka’s son despite the later wearing a cap. (pg 9)


He is determined to cover up any evil on his son’s grave by filling the crack on the grave with soil so that the shaving ceremony can go on.


He is determined to have his late son’s shaving ceremony go on despite the pleas from his wife that people might boycott the ceremony if they knew about the crack in the grave.


He is grateful to Jere for informing them about the whereabouts of Jusper. As a form of gratitude he offers him a pocket bible. ‘Kaleka’s son, I have nothing to give you, (handing him a pocket bible) take this.’ (pg 12)


He tells his wife that they need not to cry since tears are for the young and their own wells are dry.


His devotion id depicted by the song he sings with his wife and the prayer he says with her. Later on, he gives Jere a bible.

  • Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

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