Aviation Scholarship.

by Edward Ilemba

Aviation has always been my dream course but due to luck of financial help, I have not been able to study it and it hurts me a lot.

I have applied for aviation scholarships, loans, even for donor help, but none of these has helped.

I am now begging to lose hope of studying this course and this has left me with questions like, HOW and WHERE do people get aviation scholarships.

Am I not qualified enough or I am not convincing enough to convince these people that I can make it because if I were to get this scholarship, I would not take it for granted.

So my question still remains, HOW and WHERE can I get aviation scholarships?

For Information on this, Visit: Pilot International Foundation Scholarships

You will not get very many scholarships for pilot training or professional courses like CPA. There are several scholarships that cater for other areas of aviation.

However, don't Lose hope keep on applying ,you might get one soon.


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