Volunteer in Kenya Comments - Volunteer Work in Africa Feedback

These are some of the volunteer in Kenya Comments Advance Africa has received from the many volunteers who have participated in the international volunteer opportunities and programs in Kenya.

It is always very rewarding to volunteer overseas and experience to-day life in a different culture.

It has been a great experience in Kenya. My host family was very kind and welcoming. The local people were also very friendly. I am now in love with the country. Everyone wanted me to stay longer but unfortunately I have other commitments to attend to. Thanks for my placement. It's better than I could have expected.

Cathy. (USA)

I miss the children at the orphanage. I still remember stories from the trip and the poems the children recited. It was hard to say good-bye. I hope to be able to return in the near future.


Naomi. (Austalia)

I am at a pre-school. That’s great because I brought a lot of kid’s stuff - plasticine, crayons, dolls, children’s books and colored pencils. They are really enjoying it.

- Chelsea. (UK)

I really enjoyed the company of my hosts. We had some very fulfilling conversations in the evenings over dinner and they helped me to understand why they are as committed to the orphanage as they are. We ate traditional food (githeri, ugali, uji and other dishes). The accommodation was simple but satisfactory. I had my own room (which locked) and access to a flush toilet! This was a very rewarding experience for me. I would definitely volunteer again, and will recommend this experience to others.

- Tracey. (Canada)

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