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AGRICULTURE Candidate’s Signature.........

Paper 1

JULY-OCTOBER 2010 Date ........................



Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education - Trial Examination


Paper 1


Instructions to candidates

Write your name and index number in the spaces provided above

Sign and write the date of examination in the spaces provided above

This paper consists of THREE sections A, B and C

Answer ALL the questions in sections A and B and any TWO questions from section C

Answers should be written in the spaces provided.

For Examiner‘s Use Only

imageeeeeee SECTION A ( 30 MARKS)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided

1. Name two planting materials used in budding.(1 mark)

2. State four common signs/symptoms of viral diseases.(2 mark)

3. State four advantages of pure stand pastures(2 mark)

4. Give four reasons as to why cereals and legumes should be dried before storage. (2 marks)

5. (i) Name one example of a field crop which require trellising (1/2 mark)

(ii) State five advantages of the above named practice.(2 1/2 mark)

6.Differentiate between farm planning and farm budgeting. (1 mark)

7.State four roles of the agriculture development corporation. (1 marks)

8.State three benefits of agroforestry. ( 1 1/2 mark)

9.State five negative impacts of land fragmentation. (2 1/2 mark)

10.List down four materials used to make compost manure. (2 marks)

11.State three post-harvesting practices carried out on millet before storage. (1 1/2 mark)

12.Name three examples of insects with piercing and sucking mouth parts. (1 1/2 mark)

13. What is the importance of soil mineral matter. (1 mark)

14. State four characteristics of capillary water.(2 marks)

15. State four advantages of inter-cropping.(2 marks)

16. State three chemical methods of controlling crop diseases. ( 1 1/2 mark)

17. Give three types of capital used in the process of production. ( 1 1/2 mark)


Answer all the questions in this section

18. Below is an illustration of a stem cutting in a sleeve. Study it carefully and answer the questions following.

imageeeee (a) What is the major shortcoming of the above illustration. Give a reason for your - answer. (1 mark)

(b) State two advantages of using polythene sleeves. (2 marks)

(c) State two important steps taken when transplanting tree seedlings from the sleeve. (2 marks)

19. Study the textural classification below and answer the questions beneath.

imageeeeeeeee (a) Fill the gaps as indicated by: (2 marks)

(i)............................ ..

(ii) ............................ ..

(iii) ............................ ..

(iv) ............................ ..

(b) State two methods of determining the soil texture. (1 mark)

(c) State two characteristics of the clay particles. (2 marks)

20. The illustration below represents a method of fertilizer application. Study it carefully and answer the questions beneath. imageeeeeeee (a) Identify the method of fertilizer application illustrated above. (1 mark)

(b) Name the type of fertilizer recommended for this method of application. Give a reason for your answer. (2 marks)

(c) Name four other methods of applying fertilizers. (2 marks)

21. (a) Study the table below and fill in the spaces. (3 marks)

imageeeeeee (b) What is the economic importance of Amaranthus spp. (1 mark)

(c) Give a reason as to why it is difficult to control lantana Camara. ( 1 mark)


Answer any two questions from this section.

22. (a) State and explain five factors which determine the quality of hay. (10 marks)

(b) Explain reasons as to why it’s necessary to prune field crops. (10 marks)

23. (a) Discuss small scale farming under:

(i) Characteristic features. (6 marks)

(ii) Advantages.( 5 marks)

(b) State and explain the factors which affect rooting of cuttings.

24. (a) State and explain the management practices carried out in farm for maximum agroforestry output. (8 marks)

(b) Explain the criteria used to classify crop pests. (7 marks)

(c) Explain the importance of conserving soil and water. (5 marks)

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