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HP EdTech Innovators Award: As part of HP Global Social Innovation, the HP Catalyst Innovation is building a global network of consortial to develop more effective approaches to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM+) education.

“By bringing together organizations that now work independently to create a global network of consortia that provide a cohesive, student-centered approach to STEM+ education, HP can be a catalyst for innovation that improves student performance. Through this initiative, HP is joining education leaders in collaborative ventures that address STEM+ education in new ways.”

This initiative will fund up to five consortia. Each consortia will focus upon a specific innovation theme for transforming STEM education.

The themes include Multi-Versity, Pedagoy 3.0, Global Collaboratory, The New Learner and Measuring Learning.


Member organizations are selected through an open and competitive global call for proposals. Eligible organizations are:

  • Accredited public or private education institutions that serve tertiary or secondary students (i.e., schools, colleges, universities, as well as nonprofit or nongovernmental educational organizations)
  • Located in an eligible country.

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

    The deadline to apply is 30 June.

    For more information and application see; HP EdTech Innovators Award

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